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The term ‘intrapersonal’, and by extension intra-personal dynamics – is to do with self. The dictionary gives the meaning of this term as ‘existing or occurring within the individual self or mind’.

Another term, one that is becoming popular these days, is ‘emotional intelligence’ which is the ability to understand as well as manage your emotional life which in turn will affect the life of others around you.

People will intra-personal intelligence are adept at looking inward and figuring out their feelings, motivations and goals. They are introspective and seek understanding. They are intuitive and typically are introverted. However, this is not always typically the norm. The great thing is that a life coach can teach you how to develop intra-personal intelligence – so don’t worry if you don’t display this characteristic right now!

The benefits of being aware of intro-personal dynamics

There are many benefits of being aware of the issue of intra-personal dynamics in our lives in addition to in the lives of our families as well as colleagues. Some of these benefits are:

  • Increase in self-confidence, which leads to us forming friendship easier, working with others more effectively and taking more responsibility.
  • Generally, an increase in intra-personal skills will increase productivity as you maximise working conditions and environments to work with you and not against you.
  • As you learn to understand yourself you begin to understand others which gives you more tools to handle conflict. Remember that conflict always involves two people.
  • People with high intrapersonal skills integrate into new situations more quickly and with more ease.
  • The people who are aware of intra-personal dynamics are more resilient against negative behaviour that is aimed at them.
  • Research among life coaches shows that intra-personal skills are connected to academic achievements.

What is personal perception?

Personal perception is the way that a person forms judgements and makes conclusions concerning the characteristics as well as motives of others. The mental processes which are utilised are a big issue in sports psychology – as well as other forms of psychology – as they determine the manner in which people think, feel and behave.

Perceptions in addition to judgements of other people are very much influenced by the assumptions made about that individual’s internal state. Society is founded on personal perception in that it involved the manner in which people perceive other another and the reaction to those perceptions.

When judgements are made regarding other people’s motives and errors biases are often made or inferred. As life coaches will tell you these are often based too much on internal or personal factors and less on the influence of external factors.

Intra-personal dynamics, in addition to personal perception, are two of the very key aspects that life coaches will teach their clients. This is because being able to relate to people, on a personal level, is key to developing long-lasting relationships in your life which you’ll be able to leverage off for years to come.

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