What is the value of structured life coaching system?

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Having a structured life coaching system means a coach is more than just a mentor shooting from the hip in each session, with great but rather random, advice. Life coaches are, instead, trained to facilitate a specific process and although they can add their own personal expertise, content or advice, there is still a basic system that consistently produces life-changing results.

Here are some important reasons why a structured coaching system will benefit you.

It instills confidence so making it easier to market yourself

When you have a tested, established system in your pocket, you have faith that you can deliver great results on a consistent basis. This lessens the stress as well as the fear of failure which oftentimes prevents new life coaches from marketing themselves effectively. You’ll be super confident to sell yourself when you know that your system is tried and trusted. When a new life coach has some science as well as a track record behind them they will be successful much faster.

It protects you in a legal manner

If you are trained to facilitate a specific programme, you cannot be accused of being life coach without a licence. You know the scope of your training and when you move outside of it. This protects you and allows you to refer people (who need something outside that training) to an appropriate professional.

You can sell more sessions and make a greater profit

When you have a structured number of sessions upfront to complete the programme, you will always have that many (although you can always add more on the back end). Coaches without a structured programme may experience clients that quit after only a few sessions.

It makes clients more confident in the programme

One of the principal factors in a person’s success in life coaching comes from the total confidence and hope they have that the procedure will work. If you have a system which is time-tested and has done well for thousands of other individuals, clients will believe in themselves more and, in the end, this creates more positive results.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - structured life coaching system

It brings order to the meetings

If you have life coaching clients who favour hearing themselves talk, it’s very easy to go through every session just listening. Even if they require this, they won’t see results and make the required changes if they do all the talking. When there is a defined programme with material to consult, clients are more likely to learn the material and allow you to teach. This creates better results. Having structure also helps with your more reticent clients – plenty of material on which to work together with your reserved client will build trust.

It makes you an improved life coach

When you are more improved with what you do. Practice counts and because you are doing essentially the same thing over and over, you become proficient at it. Doing something different with each client means you always stay a beginner.

It creates consistency, which drives more referrals

Having a structured system means clients that wish to refer others to you can recommend a specific programme. This creates confidence and drives more referrals. An unstructured programme means that no one can really be sure about what you will do with people they refer.

It makes you a life coach and not a mentor

Coaching is about achieving results in a short space of time. You really can’t achieve this without a system. When you mentor someone it is really guidance that is not defined and could go on for years. Life coaching clients want a system that produces results, quickly.

Ultimately, a structured coaching system results in you being a better life coach who delivers results that are more consistent. Those two issues increase your confidence and your referral rate, which drives success. The trick is finding the correct system that fits with who you are and what you believe. And if you can’t find one that fits you – create one of your own.

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