What questions do life coaches ask during sessions?

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If you have never done work with a professional life coach before, you may be of the opinion that their job is to present you with all the answers to your life’s challenges on a silver platter. In practicality, life coaches are there to provide guidance to you so that you can your devise own solutions as well as hold you accountable so that you follow through.

One vital way that life coaches achieve this is by learning how to ask their clients the right questions. These provocative queries may force someone to look at their situation from another perspective, thereby encouraging the breakthrough they need to succeed.

A frenetic world

Today it is becoming apparent that the key in a successful professional, business as well as personal life starts with clarity in addition to purpose. We live in an era where people ask a variety of questions however they rarely find any answers. In order to ensure that these answers are found life coaches need to ask the correct life coaching questions.

This is the reason behind why people, the world over, are turning to life coaches. They are looking to these individuals to assist them with finding clarity in addition to purpose. Today’s life coaches are assisting their clients in a number of ways, for example finding their calling, stepping out of comfort zones as well as understanding the bigger picture.

So, what we’ve done is put together a list of questions that some of our past life coaching graduates use in their own practices.

What would you like to have accomplished by the end of this session?

They ask this question at the start of EVERY coaching session. By doing this the client, as well as the life coach, are clear about what they’re working on. This has the result of keeping the session on track and ensures that the client feels like they are getting phenomenal value from the life coaching session.

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What’s MISSING in your life at the moment?

This query is deceptively simple in addition to being powerful. As we said in the first couple of paragraphs of the article, we are all so busy these days so this question often uncovers to unmet needs. In addition, it can also  become a powerful lesson as life coaches help their clients learn to take responsibility for responding to their own needs.

How SPECIFICALLY will you know you’ve finished that action/goal?

It may appear as if this is a dull question however a lack of clarity is the NUMBER ONE reason why people don’t follow through with their actions as well as goals. Instead of doing this assist your clients with learning to get specific as when we’re very clear it’s much simpler to get started on what we need to do, monitor our progress (which feels great) as well as know when to celebrate!

What’s the FIRST (or easiest) step you can take?

Use this when you are dealing with big goals, if a client feels overwhelmed or is getting drowned in details or being anxious regarding the amount of work their goal entails. A good tip is to add “within the next week/month” or “tomorrow” depending on your goal or the client.

Is there anything that you do NOT want me to ask you?

Your clients’ response to this question points to an area which they are avoiding. Bringing this into the light as well as tackling it is almost always a powerful moment in a coaching relationship.

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