What Should I Know Before Becoming A Life Coach?

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Being a life coach is a career with a bright future. Increasingly, individuals are realising the value of having a life coach.  Individuals from all walks of life are now hiring life coaches in order to help them meet both their personal as well as professional goals. The International Coaching Federation had around 1 500 life coaches in 1999 within 34 countries. By 2009 there were approximately 15 949 members and by 2019, 35 594-member life coaches. It’s a career with a bright future, however how does one become a life coach?

Find Your Niche

Before you become a life coach, you might find it useful to find your niche as well as build up your reputation from there. Most life coaches focus on individuals professional, personal, or romantic lives. Other life coaches drill down further and assist them to make changes regarding health, such as nutrition and workout plans, or to uncover their spiritual side.

Certainly, as a life coach you’ll touch on more than one of these areas irrespective of your central focus. It’s almost not possible to talk to someone about their career without touching on other aspects of their life. Perhaps it’s a family-work life issue or it’s a leadership quality which is holding them back.

Once you uncover your specialty — which will probably be quite obvious to you, based on your background as well as what you feel comfortable talking to clients about — you’ll be in a far better position in order to market yourself and your business accordingly.

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The Traditional Training Route

Through a life coaching course, you will be able to attain the relevant knowledge and competencies that are involved in coaching. The better-quality training options are frequently more expensive as they include more training hours and frequently mentoring and supervision. They are worth the additional investment.

Life coaching courses are provided in-person or online and typically include theoretical foundations, practical exercises, accreditation, supervision, and mentoring. Depending on the amount of training and number of hours of experience, life coaches can obtain different levels of accreditation.

A life coach is learning always. As the industry improves even more momentum, new research, as well as resources, will emerge. All of which are instruments to add to your work arsenal. Thus, even if you’ve got a superb qualification, in order to continue to be successful you will need to be continually upskilling yourself. The absolute best way to do this is through reading as well as part-time courses which you’ve identified as helpful for your work.

Additionally, as a life coach, you will always be learning on the job. In fact, as you are working with a client, you could end up learning as much, if not more, than your client. This is as you are asking questions which often you will need to be able to answer about yourself. Thereby, spurring your own personal growth as well as insight. Furthermore, as you unpack concepts and navigate a client’s situations, you will be learning and refining your life coaching technique.

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