Why does a life coach need assessment skills?

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Assessment is an important tool in ensuring that something is working. When you meet your life coach for the first time, they will be assessing you based on what you are looking to achieve. Once this has been done, they will implement a strategy that will allow you to achieve your goal.

Throughout your journey with your life coach, they will continuously be assessing you to determine your progress as well as the effectiveness of the chosen strategy. This will give them the opportunity to make any changes that they deem necessary in order to facilitate your progress. In essence, it’s a journey of continuous assessment.

Assessments are not onerous

This may seem overwhelming, but assessment does not refer to written tests or completing assignments. Your life coach will be assessing your progress and how you manage your development strategy. If anything, they do all the heavy lifting so it’s really not something to stress yourself out about.

A life coach needs to have impeccable assessment skills in order to truly assist you in achieving your goal. Without this skill set, it’s basically the blind leading the blind. You can’t assess someone’s progress when you don’t have the tools to do so, and you cannot report back on your findings if you don’t know what you are looking for or how to identify it.

How to choose the right life coach

When it comes to the selection of a life coach, it’s vital to choose someone with the knowledge to back their claims. Reputable coaches may list references and it’s definitely recommended that you contact them.

It is necessary for you to have a clear idea of who you are working with and whether or not their working style and experience will be of benefit to you. You are choosing someone who will shape your development and future, which means that you need to be able to trust them as well as rely on them to act in your best interest throughout the process.

No short-cuts to personal development

It’s important to note that your personal development should not be a once-off exercise, but rather a lifelong process. Your life coach is merely there to coach you through the initial stages and give you the tools that you need to further assess yourself as time goes by. These tools will enable you to analyse where you are at that point in life, what strengths you have – as well as weaknesses – and where you can improve. It will empower and inspire you on your journey to success and prove beyond a doubt that you are in the driving seat of your future.

It isn’t even a question. A life coach needs to have assessment skills in order to do their job and to have your best interest as a number one priority.  Their ability to assess your progress will determine the way in you will assess your progress in the future. Essentially, their assessment acts as the building block for your personal development, and without the right foundation, your personal development may take a rather rocky road while trying to make progress.

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