Why is creating rules an integral component of presenting well?

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At some point in everyone’s professional life, we have to give presentations. However, creating and giving an effective, engaging, and persuasive presentation can be hard. During life coaching, the coach is able to assist the client with overcoming any difficulties that they may experience when giving a presentation. That is why it is so central to create rules to make your presentation as effective as possible.

Here are some rules that will assist you in delivering the most impactful presentations:

Back to basics

At school, we were taught that every essay or speech should consist of an introduction, body and a conclusion. Looking back now, we realise that these were all to prepare us for the inevitable presentations that become a part of our working lives.

Every paragraph in the body had a topic sentence, evidence and a concluding sentence. And the next paragraph had to coincide with the previous one. This allows your audience to listen without having to retrace your presentation back to the introduction.

Keep it simple

We also had a word-limit when it came to writing essays, or a time-limit when giving speeches. This taught us the discipline of staying to the point.

When delivering your presentation, your goal is to leave your audience with one key takeaway. Repeat this message throughout the presentation by including evidence and logic that points to the conclusion.

Don’t try to present them with a book by cramming in as much new information as possible. The easier you make it for your listeners to follow, the more impactful the message will be.

Allocate your time appropriately to each paragraph or statement. If your presentation is too long, people will become bored and feel like you have wasted their time. If you have a presentation that you need to deliver, practise time-keeping with your life coach.

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Use the right body language

When delivering a presentation, look directly at your audience members. Don’t be afraid of eye-contact. This way you capture their full attention. When your eyes are hovering around the room, you will seem distracted and scattered, and you will instantly lose their attention.

Smile and be enthusiastic about what you are presenting. If you are excited about your topic, other people in the room will also get excited and curious.

Use gestures and movements to draw your audience’s attention. If you are using slides, point at them. Wherever your gestures motion to, your audience’s eyes will follow.

Practice verbal control

One of the most effective ways to make sure your audience understands and follows your presentation, is to speak slowly and frequently pause. If you are rambling through your presentation, your audience will get lost. (Your life coach will be able to help you get rid of this habit!)

Creating these rules not only help you handle the pressure of delivering a presentation, but it also makes the listeners’ jobs very easy. If they are able to understand and follow your presentation, your message will be given across accurately and it will spark enthusiasm and further curiosity. The most important part of your presentation is not to get as much information across as possible, but for one clear message to resonate within your listeners minds for weeks to follow.

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