Why life coaching is an essential skill in a business

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Life coaching is a relationship between client and life coach. The life coach provides clients with established tools and skills to allow them to realise their goals as well as dreams. A life coach provides a supportive and caring – yet challenging – environment where the focus is totally on the client in addition to what is best for him or her.

A business life coach will assist and steer the business owner in running an organisation by assisting them to clarify the vision of their business as well as how it fits in with their own goals. Business life coaching is a process which is used to take a business from where the company is at the present moment to where the business owner wants it to be in the future.

What is a business life coach?                                       

A business life coach is a type of consultant who provides an outside perspective for you as well as your business. They will assist you with addressing not only business issues but also issues of a more personal nature, such as finding career fulfilment and trying to figure out what’s most crucial to you.

Business life coaching can play a critical role in the success of your company — but it may not precisely be what you are anticipating. Business life coaches don’t teach hands-on business skills. Instead, they are partners in achieving profound personal understanding.

The process of business life coaching is a thought-provoking, contemplative as well as a creative process. Finally, the process allows clients to maximise their personal as well as business potential.

What does a business life coaching session look like?

During a standard business life coaching session, the business life coach and the client participate in a uninterrupted progression of conversations, observations and practice. (Note that the business life coach may decide to omit one of these steps, depending on the client’s needs.)


Conversations develop around the business life coach’s exploration of the client’s existing issues. The coach questions any entrenched thought patterns or beliefs which serve to underpin the status quo, because such ingrained patterns hinder or block the client’s ability to accomplish new goals and ideas.


Observations include stating inconsistencies between the client’s asserted goals, objectives and his or her counterproductive actions. Intuitive, high-performance feedback enables the client’s increased awareness of his or her operating style and finding of the most effective ways to produce wanted change. The client also needs to give feedback to the business life coach in order to ensure that the business life coaching relationship is always serving the client’s ability to meet goals.


Practice includes a range of action-oriented business life coach interventions, client activities or assignments which are designed to assist the client in attaining improved business performance. These may involve:

  • Coach-client role plays
  • Assignments that will be undertaken between sessions (e.g., reading, researching, journaling as well as self-care initiatives)
  • Client efforts to deal with disputes in a work relationship

In terms of time, the suitable session length is defined by the nature of the client’s goals as well as objectives, time pressures on the part of the client in addition to budget considerations. Individual business coaching sessions are typically between 30 and 90 minutes in length.

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