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A nutritionist is an expert in nutrition, in other words the science of how the body utilises and responds to foods. Nutritionists study, and put into practice, the understanding of how and what food nutrients which support a healthy lifestyle. With this knowledge, nutritionists are able to advise, design and implement nutrition programmes for individuals, schools, hospitals and other institutions with the aim of disease prevention.

Nutritionists, however, do not plan the treatment of disease with diet therapy – that is the role of a dietitian. A sports nutritionist works specifically with athletes, counselling them on nutrition and diet for peak performance.

And not only are there many places where you can work as a nutritionist; you can also run a successful nutrition consulting business online. As more and more businesses are becoming virtual, you’ll be able to hold classes or consult with individual clients from the comfort of your home.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Nutritionist?

Depending on your specific path and schedule, studying to be a nutritionist can take approximately one year. The requirements to be a nutritionist are as follows:

  • Teamworking skills
  • Keen interest in the impact of diet on health
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills, including the ability to explain complex things simply
  • An understanding of science
  • Able to motivate others
  • Business skills for freelance work

How To Choose A Nutrition Course Online

It seems like every single week another popular food item is either touted as being a lifesaver or a dangerous killer:

  • One week, eggs are good for you and the next, well, you hear that too many eggs will give you a heart attack.
  • Same with milk, same with chocolate and on and on.

You’ll need a solid nutrition calculator just to keep up with daily calories. Being a nutritionist, you’ll help your clients to navigate through all of this conflicting information on what to eat and how much to eat. You may work in a hospital, a gym or spa, or even on your own to guide clients on their food and nutrition journey.

So, if you aspire to be work in the diet and nutrition field, your first step is to gain the education required in the science of food and technology and the impact of food on our health. To become a professional nutritionist, you’ll have to get an online nutrition certification from a nationally recognised organisation or association. The more certificates you earn in the various nutrition specialisations, the more qualified you will be as a professional nutritionist. You’ll have better job opportunities and more clients will have faith and confidence in you and your knowledge in this particular field.

The best online nutrition courses blend science with practical knowledge in order to help you to understand how food impacts your health. Good online nutrition courses delve into the biochemical – as well as physiological processes – by which macro- and micro-nutrients make your body function. They may include healthy recipes to feed your family, exercise tips, or other material so that you are able to make a positive difference in your health.

How To Become A Nutritionist Online

An online nutrition certification focuses on how food and diet have an affect on overall well-being. Nutrition programmes often include interdisciplinary aspects, providing insight into the physical, cultural as well as social aspects of food and diet.

With an online nutrition certification, graduates can pursue careers in educational, community, medical, and governmental settings. Nutrition professionals provide guidance on foods served in schools and hospitals, help clients address health concerns such as obesity and diabetes, and work in cooperation with medical professionals. Restaurants, gyms, and community centres consult with nutritionists and dietitians, as do corporate cafeterias.

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