Why You Need Protein to Aid in Recovery After Exercising

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Understanding what nutrients your body needs when working through a rigorous exercise routine gives fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike a better shot at seeing the positive results of their efforts in less time. When it comes to recovery after training, this concept rings ever truer. This is especially where protein is concerned. If you haven’t already adjusted your diet to complement your rigorous workout routine, then here are a few reasons why you should. Make sure that you consume protein to aid with post-workout recovery.

Understanding the Body’s Nutritional Needs

To fully grasp how effective protein is for recovering muscle strength, it is good to have an understanding of the body’s nutritional needs. This is especially while it’s under stress.

Each of the major food groups has a vital role to play in the way, and efficiency with which, our bodies work. When the challenges of strenuous workouts come into the equation, the demand for the right supply of nutrients grows all the more.

Ask any fitness instructor out there and they will all tell you the same thing. Reaching your goals is as much about your workout routine as it is about your diet. While volumes can be written on the effects of each major nutrient, today we will concentrate on protein.

How Does Protein Help with Recovery?

When broken down by our digestive systems, proteins contain amino acids. These amino acids help our bodies in a number of ways but one of the main things they do is to facilitate muscular recovery. This happens because of one particular amino acid called leucine, which enables muscle protein synthesis while also limiting the extent of muscle tissue breakdown during rigorous activity.

It works on two fronts: it firstly reduces the damage taken during routines and then it amplifies recovery following a workout. This results in less stiffness and better performance for your next session.

Trifocus fitness academy - protein

Further Benefits of Protein

Protein is not just needed for muscular recovery. It serves a number of other crucial functions as well:

  • Protein creates enzymes, hormones and other chemicals that your body needs for better, all-round health.
  • Protein helps strengthen and repair bones, cartilage, skin and blood cells.
  • Protein assists your body with building muscle mass.

Which Proteins are the Best for Helping with Recovery?

There are a number of protein forms that are perfect for enhancing an active lifestyle. All of these are easily obtained.

Note, however, that you should take stock of your diet and perhaps even take advice from a fitness professional before introducing additional protein to your eating plans:


Extremely high in protein, low cost and readily available.


Excellent source of protein because it’s generally low in fat.

White-meat: Poultry

Remove the skin to be rid of saturated fat and you have a healthy, lean, excellent source of protein.


Dairy has plenty of protein but also contains calcium and vitamin D. This makes it an excellent companion for a workout schedule.


Not only do they contain plenty of protein but are loaded with fibre as well. This means you won’t be feeling hunger any time soon.

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