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Experts in diet and nutrition, nutritionists use evidence to give advice on health and well-being. If you would like to take up a career as a nutritionist or a nutritional therapist, grow your skills with our online nutrition courses.

What Is A Nutritionist?

A certified nutritionist is an expert in nutrition, which is the science of how the body utilises and responds to foods.

Clinical nutritionists study – and put into practice – the understanding of how, and what food nutrients, are responsible for supporting a healthy lifestyle.

With this knowledge, nutrition specialists are able to advise, design as well as implement nutrition programmes for people, schools, hospitals as well as other institutions. The aim of this process is to prevent disease. However, nutritionists do NOT plan the treatment of disease with diet therapy – that is the role of a dietitian.

A sports nutritionist works specifically with athletes, counselling them on nutrition and diet for peak performance.

Why Nutritionists Are Important

Good nutrition is essential to healthy living in addition to overall well-being. A nutritionist can play a very important role in a person’s health by evaluating their diet and offering them personalised advice. Based on your health goals or medical requirements, the nutritionist can make proposals and put together meal plans. Nutritionists work in many situations, including hospitals, schools, health departments as well as private practices.

What Are The Functions Of A Nutritionist?

It is difficult to remain knowledgeable regarding the latest diet trends. If you are attempting to lose a couple of extra kilograms or develop healthy eating habits, a nutrition specialist can provide guidance about how to reach your goals safely and effectively. Clinical nutritionists develop meal plans, teach people about portion control and are trained to prescribe special diets for the prevention or treatment of diseases, such as heart disease as well as diabetes.

What Are Some Nutrition-Based Career Opportunities?

Before you get ready to jump-start your nutrition career, it’s important to identify why you became interested in the first place as well as what you’re hoping to gain from your nutrition certification. While health, wellness and nutrition is an incredibly competitive market, you are able to find your place with the correct objectives in a successful and professional setting.

Career opportunities which you can pursue as a certified nutritionist or nutrition therapist include:

  • Nutrition and wellness consultant,
  • Nutrition coach,
  • Food or supplement salesperson,
  • Nutrition and wellness writer,
  • Corporate wellness centre specialist,
  • Weight-loss centre specialist,
  • Health food and nutrition retail store management, and
  • Nutrition and wellness instructor.

What Skills Does A Nutritionist Need?

Nutritionists depend on a range of skills to be successful as well as effective in their careers. These professionals work with clients in order to develop personal nutrition and meal plans, and monitor serving sizes, portions and nutrient intake.

Nutritionists’ skills include:

  • Soft skills like communication and problem-solving,
  • Along with hard skills like scientific knowledge, written communication and math skills.

In addition, the skills of a nutritionist provide these professionals with the expertise that they need in order to work across a variety of environments, including in consultative, community and clinical diet and nutrition roles.

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