The Rise Of Vegan Food Hacks Which Don’t Compromise nutrition

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We live in a fast-paced world and are looking for ways to eat our meals in a similar fashion. More often than none, this often results in poor nutrition unless we can find preprepared healthy meals.

The convenience of ready-made meals has risen during the pandemic as people want to limit the time spent in grocery stores. This has led to increased consumption of baked goods that are easy to grab and snack on while on the go. Of course, this is not the healthiest option available.

People are looking for shortcuts when it comes to preparing meals. Everyone wants to be healthier, but they need to spend hours cooking to do so is rather off-putting.

There has been an increase in “natural” food purchases as they’re perceived to be healthier. Foods that are deemed “unnatural” have decreased in popularity as a result.

The question on everyone’s lips is whether or not cooking hacks can help us create healthy, vegan meals that are quick and easy to prepare? It sounds a bit too good to be true.

Tips For Uncompromised Vegan Nutrition

Jackfruit For A Meaty Alternative

This versatile, cost-effective fruit to mimic meat, more specifically pork. The shredded texture is similar to that of chicken, pork and even fish. You can get creative when it comes to using this meaty alternative.

Aquafaba – Chickpea Water

The water which is found in a can of chickpeas has been found to be a great egg white alternative. It can be used to make sponge cakes, macarons, brownies and even frosting.

Milk Alternatives

If you’re lactose intolerant or looking for a dairy alternative, there are a lot of options available. From hemp to soy, cashew and even almonds – they can all be used as milk alternatives. Depending on your taste preferences and usage, you can pick an option that works for you.

Cheese Alternatives

Replicated cheeses are growing in popularity and the taste and texture have vastly improved over the last few years. Research has found that yeast flakes can be an alternative to parmesan.

Alternative Yoghurt And Cream

In the same way that we’ve got milk and cheese alternatives, we also have yoghurt and cream alternatives. Milk alternatives can be used to in the same way as it’s dairy counterpart when it comes to making yoghurt due to its probiotic bacteria. To find your ideal blend, it will take some trial and error.

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Faux Meat

In case you’ve missed it, many supermarkets have started stocking meat-free nuggets and burgers – to name but a few. The taste is very similar and worth a try. Always check the ingredients before buying a meat alternative to ensure that the ingredients meet your needs.


Probably one of the more common meat alternatives is tofu, made from fermented soybeans, and a great catalyst for carrying flavour. It’s incredibly versatile and readily available.

Plant-Based Butter

Made from plant-derived oils, this butter alternative has been created to mimic the texture and taste of butter without making use of animal products.

The Options Are Available

If you’re in a rush to cook, especially when it comes to vegan meals, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the available options the ideal cooking methods. This will ensure that you get optimal nutrition while staying true to your diet and lifestyle.

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