What Are The Best Pre-Workout Foods?

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We all would like to get the most out of a workout – to train harder, spin faster, run faster, and jump higher. While a lot of us prepare mentally for a challenging workout, we frequently forget to fuel the engine or to do it correctly. So what pre-workout foods should you be eating?

There are a particular number of best foods to eat before you work out which will help your body prepare, and which can maximise your efforts in the gym. While we all have different nutritional needs, these known foods – which are the absolute perfect balance of fats, and carbs in addition to protein – can fuel your body, fend off hunger, fight fatigue, and even aid recovery.

Knowing what to eat is important as fuelling your body with the correct nutrients before exercise will give you the energy and strength that you need in order to perform better. Each of the micronutrients has a specific role before a workout. However, the ratio in which you are required to consume them varies by the individual and type of exercise.

So what is a good pre-workout snack?

Wholegrain Toast, Peanut Or Almond Butter As Well As Banana Slices

There’s a very good reason why runners adore their post-race bananas — the fruit is packed with simple carbohydrates, natural sugars as well as, best of all, potassium. That electrolyte helps prevent muscle cramps and may be lost through sweat. Peanut or almond butter has healthy fat, and the toast is all about blood-sugar-calming complex carbs.


As they are chock-full of fibre, oats release carbohydrates slowly. Because of this slow release, energy levels remain steady throughout your workout, meaning you are able to train harder for longer. Oats also contain Vitamin B, which assists with converting carbohydrates into energy. Irish oats are frequently considered to be the best as they are the least processed type and boast a lower glycaemic load rather than quick-cooking and instant oats. So, ensure that you keep a look out for them the next time you go shopping.

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Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are quite popular among those who are regular hitters of the gym. Protein is very important for overall development of the muscles, bones as well as even the skin. A protein shake is really good if you do not get sufficient amounts from natural sources. For athletes – as well as individuals doing regular workouts – it is fine to have a protein shake after a workout, however not every couple of hours. Protein shakes can have side effects such as kidney damage. Therefore, make sure that you check in with your doctor to know the recommended daily dose of protein intake.

Grilled Chicken, Broccoli, And Sweet Potato

If you are working on building increased muscle mass – or plan to hit circuit training hard – then this combo is a must-try. Although it is more of a meal as opposed to a snack, there’s a reason pro-athletes chow down on this regularly. As a result, we think it’s time you gave it a go.

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