What are the most appropriate vitamins for women to take?

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The body needs vitamins and minerals to stay strong and healthy. Whole foods like vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and whole grains are a better source of nutrients than vitamins which you buy from a pharmacy or health shop.

It is tough to know whether or not you are consuming precisely enough nutrients to keep symptoms of deficiency and illness at bay. These things can get even more complicated when going vegan or falling pregnant.

Why do we need vitamins? 

Vitamins are crucial for your general health. When maintaining a balanced and healthy diet consuming them according to the daily recommended intake (RDI) can be effortless. Through making good choices when it comes to what to eat, most women can get all the fundamental vitamins they need. In some cases there are women who need vitamin supplements.

For normal growth, cell function and development vitamins and nutrients are indispensable. We get much of the nutrients we need from food because we can’t produce them on our own.

What vitamins should women take daily?

While many dietary suggestions are useful for both men and women, women’s bodies have different requirements when it comes to vitamins.

How many vitamins women should be consuming depending on age, pregnancy, lactation or other circumstances. Ideally, these should be coming from the consumption of whole foods. If this is not possible, there are multivitamins and supplements that one can take. See your nutritionist or doctor if you are very concerned about a deficiency to find out if you should be making lifestyle changes or using supplements.

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A few good vitamins and supplements for women


Iron is essential for proper cell growth and it carries oxygen in the body. It supports cognitive development, immune function and temperature regulation. It also assists with the production of red blood cells.


Calcium helps with muscle function and keeps your teeth and bones strong. Your body needs it for excellent bone health because women start to lose bone density in their twenties.


Magnesium helps the body maintain regular muscle and nerve function. It keeps your bones strong, heart rhythm steady, promotes normal blood pressure and supports a healthy immune system. There are over 300 biochemical reactions which take place in your body that magnesium is necessary for.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is vital for the proper development and functioning of many parts of your body including the skin, eyes and immune system. It is very important for vision support, and to improve your immune system.


Biotin helps with the formation of fatty acids and blood sugar. The body uses these to produce energy. Biotin also helps to metabolize carbohydrates and amino acids.

It also helps with the prevention of hair loss, scaly and red facial rashes and brittle nails.

Other Vitamins 

There are bodily functions which require specific vitamins. Some vitamins are difficult to get from food. For instance, vitamin D is produced by our skin after exposure to sunlight. It helps our bodies maintain regular levels of calcium and helps to keep our immune system healthy.

In order to remain healthy and strong – no matter if you’re a man or a woman – you need to be taking in the correct amount of vitamins.

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