What are the Nutritional Benefits of Duck Eggs?

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You have probably heard that eggs are a great and inexpensive way to take in high-quality protein and vitamins. Eggs are a standard item in most shopping carts and can be used in a variety of ways in many dishes, but have you thought about the animal that they come from? While chicken eggs are the standard option for most of us, another egg deserves a little more attention – the duck egg. Duck eggs are becoming a more popular choice for those in the know because they offer a wide range of health benefits and, also, could be the healthier option when it comes to your morning scramble. So what are the benefits of choosing duck over chicken?

Benefits of choosing duck eggs

Low Calorie, High Reward

A duck egg contains around 130 calories per average-sized (70g) egg, so they are nothing to worry about if you are concentrated on your diet. In comparison to chicken eggs, they are a little more calorie-heavy, but they are rich in omega fatty acids that keep you fuller for longer.


Duck eggs are also filled with essential nutrients, particularly vitamin B12, selenium, and choline.

Vitamin B12 is vital for healthy red blood cells and a well functioning nervous system. Having low levels of B12 may also result in memory and balance problems, as well as fatigue. Duck eggs provide over 60% of the recommended amount of Vitamin B12 that you need in a day, which is virtually five times the amount that is provided in a regular chicken egg!

Selenium is an essential mineral that plays a critical role for your body’s processes, particularly your metabolism and your thyroid function. It helps to prevent cell damage, is good for your heart health, and boosts your immune system, amongst many other health benefits. Duck eggs help to provide at least a third of your recommended daily amount of selenium, so choosing a duck egg scramble in the morning might be a good idea!

Choline is another essential nutrient for your body that assists in many bodily functions. It is a nutrient that most people have a mild deficiency of, and therefore increasing your intake can have an extremely positive effect on your body. It helps with cell maintenance, improves metabolism, and plays an essential role in assisting your nervous system. It is also very important for brain development and has been shown to improve memory.

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Enhance and Improve

Duck eggs have also been shown to improve your body’s ability to absorb calcium. Duck egg whites include peptides that enhance and improve the way that your body absorbs calcium, assisting your body to get the most out of this essential mineral that is important for muscle function and the health of your bones and teeth.

 Aside from all the health benefits, duck eggs provide a different experience, with a  slightly different taste, creamier texture, and are great for cooking with due to their larger yolks and higher protein content. Their thick shells ensure that they last longer, so even you are not a frequent egg eater they won’t go off sitting in your fridge. While it could seem strange at first to pick an egg, not from the trusty chicken, the health benefits speak for themselves. Duck eggs can help provide a healthy portion of protein and essential nutrients while improving your bodily functions and boosting your metabolism – and they taste great!

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