What Are The Pillars Of An Employee Wellness Programme?

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Employee wellness programmes are designed in order to educate, support as well as encourage the well-being of employees by creating an organisation-wide culture of health. Providing an employee wellness programme, that goes beyond the traditional wellness programme, allows you to nurture healthy habits among your staff members.

In short, your employees become healthier which can lead to:

  • Higher employee morale,
  • Increased productivity,
  • Improved employee engagement,
  • Less health-care costs, and
  • A stronger workplace culture.

The employee wellness movement has brought the deep connection to light between individual health and business productivity as well as growth. Research has found that well-run, targeted employee wellness programs may improve employee health, productivity, talent attraction and retention. In addition, these types of programmes might improve a business’s overall performance.

The Increasing Popularity Of Employee Wellness Programmes

Employee wellness programmes are becoming more popular as organisations are seeing how positive the impacts can be when they focus on the health of their employees. Too many men and women associate their job with stress, unhappiness, pain in addition to an overall feeling of being unhealthy. Employees spend a significant percentage of their life at work, so being unhealthy is not an option.

Between 2013 and 2017, the global employee wellness economy grew from R51.1 trillion to R63.1 trillion. During this period, the definition of wellness has changed dramatically, particularly as it connects with the workplace. Employee anticipations of wellness programs have changed. The modern workforce expects workplace wellness programmes are multidimensional and all-encompassing.

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All-Encompassing Programmes

Grokker’s work – Wellbeing In The Modern Workplace: Your Buyers Guide to the New Generation of Employee Wellbeing Solutions – makes the statement that “as employers and employees have connected the dots between health as well as job performance (not to mention health-care costs), employee wellness programmes are undergoing a massive reboot so that they can do more than just help employees manage health risk.

Today’s employee wellness programmes, unlike those in the 70s and 80s, aren’t simply focused on tobacco bans, gym subsidies in addition to healthy snacks. Rather, today these programmes must address employees’ overarching health needs, which range from financial well-being to mental health. Employee wellness programmes are now playing a key role in providing employees what they want from a company: purpose, belonging, and balance.

Every successful employee wellness programme has the right leadership as well as management in place so that positive ROI may be ensured. Without it, your programme is doomed from the very beginning. Management and leadership has to be 110% committed to your cause. If done right, this is going to create a positive wave of cultural change in your company that can’t be stopped. However, if management and your leadership team are not on board, it will tough to create that positive momentum.

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