What Elements Are Covered In Nutrition Courses?

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We all know that nutrition plays an important role in good health and fitness. ‘Nutrition’ refers to the energy or nutrients that we get from consuming food. In order to be healthy we need to eat the correct balance of nutrients (protein, carbs, fat, etc). In our attempts to eat better and get shapelier bodies we count calories, cut out bad carbs and order sensible salads for lunch. We do all this because we want to be healthy. But do we really know what we’re doing? People are constantly bombarded by new dieting trends telling us which foods are good and which aren’t. And those complicated food labels on food aren’t much help either. It can all become very overwhelming, making you want to throw in the towel and dive right into a tub of chocolate chip ice-cream. Luckily the smart way to learn about good foods and bad or unhealthy foods is to sign up for a nutrition course.

What is a Nutrition Course?

A nutrition course is designed to increase your knowledge of nutritional basics by studying the effects of nutrients and vitamins on the human body, and how nutrition can be used to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition courses cover a wide range of topics. Students learn about how food choices influence a person’s health, mood and energy levels and the more technical stuff like carbohydrates, water, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Nutrition Certification

If you’re passionate about healthy eating and fitness, becoming a certified nutritionist might be the right career choice for you. A nutrition certification can lead to a wide variety of career prospects. You could work in the food industry, as a private consultant for world-class athletes or as a nutritionist.

Different Types Of Nutrition Courses

There are many different types of nutrition courses and each one focuses on a different topic. Let’s take a look at what elements are covered in these courses.

  • Basic Nutrition

Basic nutrition courses focus on the nutritional needs of the human body and how different nutrients and vitamins affect its daily functions. Students learn about how food choices influence a person’s health, mood and energy levels. They also learn about how to construct a meal plan for clients that has the right balance of carbohydrates, water, vitamins, minerals and proteins. It also focuses on how nutrition can be used to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Trifocus fitness academy - nutrition courses

  • Vegetarianism

This type of course teaches students about vegetarian diets. Students learn about the benefits and risks of a vegetarian diet, as well as the best well-rounded vegetarian menu choices. Some courses offer a look at cultures that primarily eat fish and vegetables and the food substitutions they incorporate to maintain a balanced diet. It also includes the study of vegan and macrobiotic diets.

  • Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition teaches you how to prepare an athlete for peak performance by focusing on the correct intake of vitamins, water, fats, carbohydrates and proteins. It also teaches you about the intricate requirements and nutritional needs of different athletes.

Some courses will also educate you on the underpinning and fundamental knowledge of a variety of different sports and the nutritional requirements of the athletes partaking in the sport. Sports nutrition also covers topics like the correct pre- and post-workout diets and hydration, as well as the correct diets for healthy weight-loss.

  • Nutrition Management

If you want a career in the food, hospitality or human services industry a nutrition management course is often advantageous. Hospitals, schools, restaurants and care homes require staff on hand with intensive and proper nutritional knowledge in order to correctly cater to patients, children and the elderly. This course also covers special diets, ordering and preparing meals in bulk, as well as budgeting and organisational skills.

  • Food and Culture

This type of course focuses on an anthropological look at food. Learners are taught about global ingredients, how food is cooked and the dietary needs of various cultures.  It also includes topics like food production, ingredients preparation and the regional availability of certain foods.

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