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After much of the workforce moved remote early in 2020, several leading-edge employers recognised the need to shift their previously in-person wellness initiatives to virtual settings. This sudden shift in the work environment and the existing health crisis have highlighted how critical it is to develop – as well as maintain – a healthy workforce. To do this, corporate wellness initiatives and programme delivery need to change in order to meet the times.

Corporate employee wellness programmes improve engagement and lessen health-care costs by making it simpler for employees to access the care which they need in order to stay healthy. Programmes can include:

  • Gym reimbursements,
  • Health coaching, as well as
  • Nutrition support, and
  • Disease management tools for chronic conditions.

How Have Corporate Wellness Programmes Changed in Recent Months?

When work shifted from the office to employees’ homes, many corporate wellness programmes pivoted in order to respond to the needs of the country’s newly remote workforce. Wellness providers have utilised more technology in order to deliver content.

Programmes transitioned from in-office seminars as well as cooking demos to webinar and video-based formats. Increasing levels of employee stress and anxiety have led employers to concentrate on mental health offerings.

The utter importance of managing chronic conditions – such as heart disease as well as diabetes – was prioritised as it became apparent that improving these conditions can prevent or minimise complications from the coronavirus.

Wellness Programmes Will Include More Video And On-Demand Resources

Experts are making the predictions that businesses and services will open up in stages. They could close again when cases spike. These possible restrictions make a number of different aspects of life more difficult. These include regular exercise.

Today’s corporate wellness programmes could include access to – or reimbursements for – on-demand and streaming workout videos as opposed to gym memberships. A number of different popular exercise studios host live-streaming classes at the moment which can replace in-person workouts. These could be easily adopted for your corporate wellness programme.

Your corporate wellness programme could also provide simple pieces of equipment in order to assist with enhancing at-home workouts, like resistance bands.

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Employees Will Continue To Ask For Mental Health Benefits

While some corporate wellness programmes concentrate on physical health, employers may also offer additional voluntary benefits which address particular mental health needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has put mental health (specifically) into the spotlight. Mental wellness apps have seen substantial spikes in usage as individuals who are looking for support online.

Even under normal circumstances, mental health care can be difficult to find in a number of different parts of the country. Investing in remote mental health benefits can support employees when they’re back in the office, too.

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