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A good, well balanced, nutritious diet can enhance an athlete’s performance; providing them with the vitamins and minerals needed to aid with muscle growth and repair. Therefore, when considering personal training, a course in nutrition is vital.

Through the right one, you will learn every detail required for sportsmen to perform at their best. Each athlete has different dietary needs depending on the activity they perform.; and the right course will help you identify these needs, and give you the tools to meet them properly.

In young athletes, good nutrition provides energy, enhances performance and decreases fatigue and the risk of disease and injury.

Energy deficits can cause short stature, delayed puberty, loss of muscle mass and possible illness. Energy excess can cause obesity, but increased caloric intake during growth spurts and athletic activities is essential for both their health and their performance.

The older generation, on the other hand, are susceptible to malnutrition as their metabolic rate declines with age. Nutritionists will recommend more beneficial food choices and perhaps snacking on healthy foods for extra nutrients between meals.

Supplements are also recommended to boost vitamin and mineral intake.

Basic Training Diet

Training diets should be enough to provide energy and nutrients to meet the demands of the particular exercise. A good variety of foods is encouraged to develop healthy, long-term dietary habits in order for the athlete to maintain the correct body fat levels.

Incorporating all of the major food groups is essential: carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy, and fats and sugars provides variety, and makes for sensible planning.

Furthermore, it is vital that adequate fluids are provided to ensure hydration during and after exercise. Water is a good choice of fluid to prevent dehydration. For sportsmen who train strenuously every day, an increase in carbohydrates is necessary to maintain energy.

However, when advising on weight loss, large amounts of carbohydrates are not ideal.

Healthy Body, Healthy Brain

Exercise is one way to improve the memory and keep your brain healthy, but nutrition is equally important.

As a nutritionist, you may recommend oily fish for a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 improves the structure of brain cells and encourages blood flow in the brain to bring about better cognitive functions, focus and moods

Good news for chocolate lovers. Dark chocolate and berries contain antioxidants which are vital in preventing age-related cognitive decline and brain diseases. Antioxidants reduce inflammation throughout the body as well as boosting memory and learning.

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Which Supplements to Recommend for Improved Sporting Performance

Unless an athlete has a diagnosed deficiency such as iron or calcium or their diet doesn’t meet their needs, supplements alone will probably not be beneficial.

They cover a range of products such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, meal supplements, sports nutrition products and natural food supplements.

Very often, competitors complain of muscle cramps which might point to a zinc or magnesium deficiency. A nutritionist should have a good knowledge of foods that may cause allergies and be able to recommend substitute options where they are needed.

If athletes take supplements not approved by a professional, they run the risk of committing an anti-doping rule violation, or could even end up doing more harm than good during training.

Keeping the Athlete Hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluids before, during and after a routine is imperative.

In extreme cases, dehydration can lead to collapse and even death particularly in warm conditions or long-lasting events.

Water is the recommended drink but sports drinks contain some sodium which helps with absorption.

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