What’s The Connection Between Resistance Training And Peanut Protein?

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When it comes to resistance training, you’ll often find athletes reaching for peanut butter. In fact, this sandwich spread has been used by bodybuilders for years, but why? Is it because of the taste, or is there something more to it?

As we dive deep into the world of peanut butter, let’s start by looking at what makes good peanut butter and what is considered a bad peanut butter. This will determine whether or not your peanut butter is able to add benefit to your workout plan or if it will set you back a few steps.

Good Versus Bad Peanut Butter

Most peanut butter brands are packed with sugar in an attempt to enhance the flavour, which is a no-no. Another thing to consider is how peanut butter is able to maintain its semi-liquid form – hydrogenated oils. This can include trans-fat, which is really bad for your health and can lead to diabetes and heart disease when consumed in excess. So, when it comes to looking for exceptional peanut butter, look for an option without hydrogenated oils and sugar.

Why Do Athletes Turn To Peanut Butter?

When it comes to fitness supplements, it can become pricey. On the other hand, peanut butter is more affordable and contains 30 essential vitamins and minerals and is rich in protein. It’s also high in fibre as well as low in cholesterol, making peanut butter the perfect post-workout snack.

Peanuts and peanut butter include high levels of protein, and when it comes to facilitating muscle growth and recovery. In fact, research has found that 100 grams of peanut butter contain 25.8 grams of protein. When you consider this and the fact that it’s easy to consume peanut butter, you start to realise why gym goers reach for peanut butter after a workout. However, peanut butter can also be used as a pre-workout snack due to its protein and carb content.

While peanut butter is a healthy snack, it is high in calories and needs to be consumed in moderation. Calories are not necessarily bad as bodybuilders require many calories to increase their body mass and improve the appearance of their muscles.

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Other Nutrients To Consider

Peanuts also contain phosphorous which allows the body to produce healthy cells as well as energy, zinc, vitamin B6, niacin and magnesium. When you consider all of the nutrients found in peanuts and peanut butter, it’s easy to see why it is considered a superfood.

Peanut butter also contains healthy, unsaturated fats that can lower cholesterol and promote weight loss.

It’s More Than Just A Tasty Snack

In addition to being a tasty lunchtime treat, peanut butter can help athletes and gym-goers facilitate muscle growth and maintain their progress. It’s easy to consume as a standalone snack or can be incorporated into shakes and smoothies.

If you do decide to eat peanut butter to supplement your workout, you need to ensure that it’s low in sugar and trans-fat.

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