Why Do High-dose Fish Oil Supplements Speed Up Exercise Recovery?

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Most of us know that taking fish oil supplements such as omega-3s can help to improve your heart and brain health, but there is evidence to suggest that they might also be useful for exercise recovery. Studies show that everyone should be taking a daily dose of omega-3s, whether or not you have any cardiovascular problems. For athletes, it could be even more important and could change the way that your body responds to exercise.

What Do Fish Oil Supplements Do?

Omega-3 oils, when taken regularly, can help to prevent cardiovascular events (such as heart attacks) in the long term as well as lower the risk of further problems if you have experienced heart problems before.

They also help reduce your triglyceride levels (fats in the blood), and this can help lower your risk of heart attacks, heart disease as well as strokes. Regular intake can also help to keep your arteries clear, which allows for improved and efficient blood flow through the body and the muscles.

How Fish Oils Help With General Fitness

  1.  Increased Reaction Time and Performance

Studies have shown that athletes who began using fish oil supplements saw dramatic improvements to their reaction times in sport within only a few weeks. Participants also reported that workouts started to feel less difficult and changed their perception about their ability to perform better.

  1. Increased Endurance

Omega-3s help to reduce your heart rate and heart health. This can help to decrease the amount of oxygen which your body needs to support itself under stress. This means that your body can perform more physical activity while using less energy, so allowing you to massively improve your endurance.

  1. Build Muscle, Burn Fat

Omega-3s and fish oils have been shown to improve the body’s muscle-building response, helping you increase your lean body mass faster. In addition, there is also evidence to indicate that daily supplements might help you to burn fat faster.

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How Can Fish Oils Help With Recovery

 While fish oils have been shown to help with exercise in general, the most significant area of improvement, reported in several studies, was in athlete’s recovery. After you exercise, your muscles have microscopic tears from the strain that they have been under during your workout. These tears are normal and when they heal it will help your muscles to become stronger.

Omega-3s and fish oils are a fantastic natural anti-inflammatory, and they will speed up the rate at which your muscles heal. They also increase a process known as protein synthesis, which allows your muscles to transform the protein that you eat into muscle protein in the body. Lastly, daily omega-3 intake can help to improve the muscle aches that come with heavy exercise and will help you to get back to training quicker.

Therefore, fish oils and omega-3s are a great way to supplement your diet and improve your fitness. They will allow you to get more out of your workouts, improve your general health, and assist with speeding up the time it takes for you to recover from exercise.

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