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For many individuals, exercising means that you work up an appetite. Often, the appetite that you work up is so big that it makes sure that you’re kept ravenous all day long! Regular workouts can boost your metabolism as well as increase your hunger levels. Although this fact has been scientifically proven, it shouldn’t give you an excuse to go to town and eat anything that you want.

Of course, having a recovery snack of protein, complex carbs as well as healthy fats after your workout will restore energy and repair muscle. However,  just how much should you be eating? Although the reason you’re hungry after a workout may seem apparent because while exercising you burn calories so you need to replace them. However, the real reason isn’t as simple as this.

You’re not eating sufficient amounts of food

It is possible that you may not be providing your body with sufficient amounts of calories prior to pr after working out. This can deplete your energy stores. If fat loss is your objective, making sure that you keep up a healthy caloric intake is vital. This is because it will ensure that you can get through your workouts with as much energy as your can. In addition, it will also help you to avoid getting your body getting so hungry that it craves any type of food.

Exercise before a main meal

Obviously, make sure that you are eating sufficient amounts of energy-dense food throughout the day.

Another good idea is to eat a tiny snack – such as a banana – before you work out so that you don’t feel as famished during or after your exercise. It is extremely important that the meal you are eating after you train has enough calories as well as nutrients to fuel your body for the remainder of the day. Thus if you exercise before breakfast, don’t just eat on a single piece of fruit! Make sure that your meal is balanced as well as filling. An idea is to add fruit to natural yoghurt and oats.

You’re thirsty

During a workout, especially a strenuous one, you lose fluids because you sweat. In addition, you push your body to its limit. This means that it is very important to rehydrate after you exercise by drinking lots of water. Often, our body mixes up dehydration and hunger. This means that you need to be mindful of your water intake during the entire day.

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Make hydration a priority

Watch out for signs that you’re dehydrated. Ensure you are sipping on water often throughout the day.

You’re miscalculating how hard you worked out

We frequently tend to think that we have burned a tonne more calories than we actually have. Sometimes, it is our mindset that can prevent us from achieving all that we can on our health and fitness journey. So, if you are exercising in order to be able to eat junk food after your workout, it might be helpful to ask yourself what your fitness goals are as well as how you want to achieve them.

Adjust your mindset

Workout as you love your body and want to remain fit and healthy. Eat for the same reasons. If healthy eating appears to be boring or unappetising to you, experiment with different herbs as well as spices. Buy recipe books to give you ideas.

Healthy eating as well as exercise go hand in hand. You can’t expect to be at the top of your fitness game unless you fuel your body with clean and healthy energy.

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