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Virtual coaching and workouts have become increasingly popular as a result of the pandemic. Whether you’re looking to meet those New Year’s resolutions or trying to get the elusive bikini body before the end of summer, you’ll need some help to achieve your goals and stay motivated.

For sure, you can hire a personal trainer or sign up for a gym membership, but sometimes our budget doesn’t allow it. So, how can you join the #FitFam journey and achieve your goals without breaking the bank?

Enter the digital, easily accessible world. You don’t need to leave the house, navigate crowds, or deal with the judgement of the outside world – and it’s not only limited to training.

How often do you look for something online before looking for it in the real world or plunging into a commitment? More importantly, how often do you use YouTube to find out how to take on your next hobby or finally build that birdhouse?

Well, now it’s time to use YouTube as your personal trainer. The options are endless and fitness influencers have spent a lot of time generating content to help you on your fitness journey. We’ve found 5 of them to help you get started.

5 Of The Best Youtube Fitness Channels

  1. Blogilates

Cassey Ho started her online fitness journey in 2009 when she posted her first video. Her unique approach to training made her an empire when it comes to female-focused workouts. There is a tonne of videos available on her profile and they’re usually equipment free, which means you can exercise at home without needing to invest in weights, although a yoga mat is recommended. We suggest starting with POP Pilates for Beginners.

  1. The Fitness Marshall

Caleb Marshall started his online journey in 2014. He focuses primarily on aerobic dance workouts that get the blood pumping. It’s ideal if you’re looking to fit in a quick cardio session – regardless of your fitness level. He also helps you to loosen up through ridiculous facial expressions and his famous “Cardio Dance Concert.

  1. HASfit

HASfit provides all of their content for free because they believe that “Every heart and soul deserves to be fit”. They provide over 1,000 full-length workout videos on YouTube as well as 30-90-day meal and fitness plans that you can access when downloading the mobile app. They’re able to accommodate your daily schedule, fitness level and even dietary requirements.

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  1. Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home

Leslie’s videos can take you back to the 1980s with her cheerful deminer, impressive beats and synchronised movements. However, after making your way through the full 45-minute workout, you’ll realise that looks can be deceiving. She focuses on interval training and aims to keep her audience moving non-stop during the workout. Walk home requires no equipment and provides a wide range of options to accommodate any fitness level.

  1. Tone It Up

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott developed Tone It Up as a method of long-distance coaching. You can access basic features for free, however, more premium features such as nutrition plans and workout DVDs need to be purchased. YouTube features shorter videos consisting of workouts and recipes which can help you to jumpstart your fitness journey.

Turning Into a fitter and healthier version of yourself has never been easier. Social media has made it possible to connect with experts, sign up for workout programmes and meals plans. With so many choices that are available, there’s never been a better time to get fit!

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