5 Traits Of The World’s Top Personal Trainers

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What is it that makes personal trainers stand out? What makes one personal trainer better at his job? There are, in fact, five qualities that the world’s top personal trainers have in common. Take a look.

Best Personal Trainer qualities

1. They’re properly qualified (and never stop learning)

Great personal trainers are experts in their fields and have the qualifications to prove it. The best option is a holistic fitness certification that covers biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, safety and risk management, as well as the basics of fitness instruction.

But the world’s best personal trainers don’t just stop studying when they receive their certifications. They keep studying, always learning more about the latest and best methods.

2. They get results

This is, arguably, the simplest way to measure the value of a personal trainer: His results. His clients report real weight loss, or measurable improvements in fitness and strength.

3. They’re motivated motivators

Let’s be honest – nobody likes getting up at 4:30am to work out… But the world’s best personal trainers understand this. And they’re master motivators, able to inspire their clients to not only get up at that hour, but to meet their exercise targets effectively. As Lindsay Vastola, certified fitness expert, says:

“Your body achieves only what your mind believes!”

4. They’ve got a good head for business

Most personal trainers are passionate about what they do. But the best trainers take their passion seriously. They focus on running their training as a successful, professional business. If they lack the know-how or the skills to manage any aspect of the business, they either get educated (i.e. take courses) or they hire someone who’ll ace it on their behalf.

5. They live by the principles they teach

They say you shouldn’t trust a skinny chef. Or a fat and unfit personal trainer who snacks on French fries.

A personal trainer who doesn’t apply his training principles and practices to himself has failed to walk the talk. This means he lacks credibility and isn’t positioned to lead his clients on the path to their best selves.

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