6 Stretches to Loosen Up Your Tight Glutes

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Whether you’ve been sitting in the same position for too long or have just completed an insane glute workout, your butt is bound to feel it. While the exercise-related reasons for tight, stiff glutes are pretty obvious, you wouldn’t expect to have the same effect by simply sitting at your desk.

This is because sitting in the same position for too long can result in nerve compression that can cause pain, numbness and stiffness. The same way your muscles need movement and blood flow to perform, so do the nerves in your body. Spending too much time seated can stiffen your hip muscles and affect your posture as a result. This can result in back pain in the long term.

6 Stretches to loosen your glutes

Glute Bridge: Lie supine with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Slowly roll yourself up until your hips have been lifted. Hold for several seconds and then drop yourself slowly back down. Repeat for 10 reps. This is a great warm-up exercise when it comes to stretching your glutes.

Pigeon Pose: On all fours, slowly bring your left knee forward so that it sits behind your left wrist. Your left ankle should be in front of your hip. Slide your right leg backwards with your heel facing the ceiling. Pull your legs together, breathing in deeply and slowly lifting yourself onto your fingertips. Exhale and release. Repeat on the other side.

Stacked Knee Glute Stretch: In a seated position on the floor, fold your legs over one another into a cross-legged sitting position. Slide one leg under the opposite knee and place the other foot on top of the other knee. Slowly fold your body forward as far as it will deepen the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds and then release. Repeat on the other side.

Standing Figure-Four Stretch: As the name implies, start in a standing positing. Bend your knees slightly and cross your left ankle over your right knee. Press your left ankle into the right leg and bush back with the right leg. Hold for half a minutes and then slowly release. Repeat on the other side.

Lying Figure-Four Stretch: Lie on your back with your knees bent. Cross over your left ankle with your right knee and gently pull the leg towards you. Hold for half a minute and then slowly release. Repeat on the other side.

Foam Rolling: Sitting on the floor with legs bent slightly, place a foam roller under your left glute. Cross your right foot under your left knee and slowly roll back and forth. Work your way up from your thigh to your lower back. Repeat on the other side.

Whether you realise it or not, your glutes contribute to a wide range of movement. They’re the driving force behind walking and running, so when they’re stiff and sore, it’s hard to miss. The easiest way to prevent tight glutes is regular stretching and exercise. Every little bit helps.

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