7 Different Types of Strength Training

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Not all strength training is the same, did you know that? Finding the right strength training programme will depend on what you are looking to achieve on focus on meeting that goal. What type of strength is needed to achieve your goal? This is the strength that you will work on developing.

So, what kind of strength training will work for you?

7 Types of strength training

Agile strength

This relates to your ability to manoeuvre and control your strength based on your current environment. It’s a multi-directional approach to weightlifting, for example picking up a child or carrying groceries. Building on this strength will help to reduce your risk of injury while improving day to day performance.

Strength endurance

In case the name didn’t give away, this relates to your ability to power through training activities. This usually relates to exercise that requires continuous muscle movement, for example, running. It relies on your body’s ability to transport oxygen and nutrients to the muscles while eliminating metabolic waste. And as an additional bonus, it also improves posture.

Explosive strength

This involves sudden bursts of movement as implied by the name. This movement relies on rapid expansion and contraction of your muscles in order to move through the desired range of motion, for example, jumping or throwing a ball. Working on this strength will improve your reaction time and improve your muscles resiliency.

Maximum strength

If you’re a bodybuilder, you’ll make use of this strength as it involves the maximum level of force your muscles can produce. Often, it’s a group of muscles working together to bring about the desired motion. Squatting or lifting deadlifts are a great example of this strength. An additional bonus of this is that it improves bone density and facilities the release of muscle building hormones.

Starting strength

This relates to your bod’s ability to build up strength or force at any given moment, for instance, at the start of a sprint. This instant reaction comes in handy during dangerous situations or even in motion as simple as quickly sitting down.

Speed strength

Similar to starting strength in that you need to exert a lot of force in a short space of time, for example, hitting a tennis ball. This strength is great for athletes and professional sportspeople.

Relative strength

This strength has to do with your body weight-to-force ratio. This means that even though you’re getting stronger, your bodyweight won’t change, which means that your building on your strength.

The choice is yours. While an all-rounded approach is recommended, your core focus should be on the type of strength exercise that best fits your lifestyle and daily activities. Research your chosen strength group and don’t be afraid to ask a professional for advice on how to achieve your desired goal best. There isn’t a specific workout for building strength because it has to do with your abilities. Try shaking it up to get the best results.

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