A sport’s manager’s guide to maintaining a safe working environment

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While on duty as a sports manager you should be aware at all times of security issues such as what to do if there is theft or a break-in or even a suspected criminal on your sporting organisation’s premises. When individuals are away from home they need to have space of mind regarding themselves and their belongings.

The sporting organisation needs to provide good security so that guests can relax and not have to be concerned about their safety or the safety of their belongings. Once the guests start to worry they will not be able to enjoy themselves while watching matches at your club. Therefore they will either leave immediately or will cut their visit short.

It’s not just the security of your guests that you have to worry about – you also need to take into account the safety and security of your employees. If your staff members feel threatened they will not come to work which will leave you unable to serve your guests. This means that making sure that you maintain a secure working environment means that you have to make sure that all the areas in your organisation are safe from any unwanted intruders.

Practical tips to maintain a safe working environment for a sports manager

Seeing a security guard walking around the premises and patrolling the areas where your guests part, as well as the entrances, will certainly act as a deterrent to any person with criminal intentions. The guard will also act as a sign of security to the guests that not only they but their belongings are also safe.

Security companies put up panic buttons in various places in the sports club so if the situation does call for the security company to be called in, without the perpetrators knowing it. Security companies guarantee a response time of five minutes or less, which is on part with industry standards. Other than employing external security staff, larger sports clubs have internal security departments whose main focus is on the monitoring and maintenance of all security aspects.

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How to maintain a safe and secure sporting environment

Something else that sports managers also need to know, about maintaining a safe environment in their clubs, is that a hazard is anything that could possibly cause damage, harm or injury to people or to property in the workplace.

Staff are therefore always responsible for taking note of and reporting any incident or anything that they see which may pose a danger to themselves, guests, colleague and any other visitors who may be around.

This means that it is necessary to always be observant and take note of items or situations which may be hazardous. These include the following:

  • Wet paint
  • Wet floors
  • Maintenance workers
  • Electrical writing that is not secured and out of the way
  • Problems with electrical equipment
  • People loitering on or around the sports club who do not seem to have any particular business there.

If staff notice any of the above situations it is their responsibility to act by first informing the sports manager and bringing the hazard to their attention thereby taking the necessary action by placing signage and contacting security and maintenance.

Maintain the health and safety of the sports club is an integral role of the sports manager because if they don’t, and someone becomes injured, this will result in serious consequences.

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