Arial Yoga; Fad or fantastic?

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Aerial Yoga – or also known as anti-gravity yoga – is a workout that was invented by a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer, Christopher Harrison. This anti-gravity Yoga gives you a total-body workout something between the feeling of being in a circus but still doing Yoga. It is so much fun!

What to expect when you trying Aerial Yoga out for the first time

First comes first, have an open mind when it comes to Aerial Yoga. Listen carefully to the instructor and trust your hammock completely (they can hold up to 970kg and is safely secured to the ceiling).  Hanging upside down can be daunting but as soon as you let go of the fear you will enjoy these classes so much.

There are no restrictions for attending these classes, except for those expecting moms-to-be, people who have had any eye surgery recently or suffer from vertigo. Different body sizes and different fitness levels are all welcome.

There are plenty of benefits to Aerial Yoga

One of the great benefits of Aerial Yoga is the fun part of it, which is a major stress reliever.  It will also help to:

  • Increase strength and flexibility,
  • Assist alignment,
  • Deepen awareness, and
  • Provide the immediate benefit of spinal decompression.

You will be able to experience the complete Yoga workout but with extra new moves like “the awesome possum or chandelier”.

Is aerial yoga here to stay?

Other benefits include:

  • Total body workout: Just about all body parts are exercised (to move and stretch). This will tone and redefine muscles. Aerial Yoga is even being used for physical rehabilitation. It will also help to improve your cardiovascular fitness, core strength and balance.
  • Inner body revival: The workout will add some benefits in the internal body’s regulatory functioning. The circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems are reactivated through blood circulation.
  • Psychologically beneficial: Like any other physical exercise, Aerial Yoga helps rebuild your emotional system because it relieves stress because of endorphins.
  • Develop new body skills: Because of the new and improved movements involved in the workout, you will learn to develop body skills that you may not be able to do in regular Yoga.
  • Spiritually healing: The spiritual benefits of Aerial Yoga are indisputable. You will be able to experience more joy and optimism.

So if you would like to swing mid-air on yards of silk, while moving freely, with less effort you shouldn’t still be wondering if Aerial Yoga is fad or fantastic…FANTASTIC IT IS.

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