What are the benefits of aerobics?

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Recent studies have found that 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise five days a week or 20 minutes of a minimum of three days a week is very important if you wish to achieve good health and – of course – lower your risk of chronic diseases. You would want to increase your heart rate to between 60 – 80% of your maximum heart rate in order to enjoy the most health benefits. Aerobics is a powerful form of exercise that can help you achieve this goal.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the number one causes of death globally

This type of death is usually associated with people who (for example) aren’t physically active, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or smoke.

Cardiovascular disease kills around 200 people every day in South Africa, which means it is important to keep your heart healthy. This disease can be scary but it is preventable by taking part in physical activity. (Physical activity still remains the number one way of combatting cardiovascular disease. This is where aerobics comes in as it improves your fitness of your lungs and your heart.)

Despite the evidence, there are still some people who are not active at all.

You can start reaping the benefits of aerobic exercise. If you find that you love it so much, you can even start teaching it armed with a certification in aerobics from Trifocus Fitness Acdemy.

The benefits of aerobics are huge

Mental benefits

Aerobic exercise has shown to improve many things in your body as well as your mind. It increases your:

  • Emotional stability,
  • Confidence,
  • Memory, and
  • Overall brain function.

There are countless people who suffer from depression and aerobic exercise can help them too. They will feel much better about themselves and about life as well when they do this type of exercise.

Health benefits

Aerobics doesn’t only strengthen your heart and lungs but it also helps to lower your cholesterol, improve your immune system, lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of diabetes.

You must be comitted for aerobics to work

Physical benefits

Aerobic exercise will burn through calories and help you to lose some of that excess weight. Aerobic exercise also seeks to tone your muscles as well as improve your posture.

Fitness benefits

So aerobics will help you to be healthier and look better and it will also increase your stamina and you will have much more energy throughout the whole day. You will better about yourself and also handle stress better. It will improve your sleep patterns.

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