The Benefits of a Career in the Fitness Industry

Benefits of a career in the fitness industry
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With people becoming more aware of their health and fitness, and wanting to lead better lifestyles, the fitness industry has become an extremely popular sector to work in for various reasons. According to the Statista’s Africa & Middle East Health & Fitness Club industry 2016 survey, South Africa was the highest in revenue of US$ 931.33 million. Therefore, the demand for personal trainers and fitness instructors has grown. You can start a career in fitness at any age, obviously with a certain level of fitness. Apart from being fun, it can be extremely rewarding and offers many job opportunities. Find out more about the benefits of a career in the fitness industry.

Why you should become a fitness professional

Helping others

A career in the fitness industry is about helping others. Whether their goals are to lose weight or recover from an injury, or just to improve their general health, you can help them achieve this.

If you enjoy assisting others, and you are passionate about health and fitness then the fitness industry is right for you.

Helping others also helps you to motivate yourself to reach your own health and fitness goals, as well as keeping you up-to-date with the latest industry developments.


There are various perks to a job in the fitness industry, such as free gym memberships or discounted rates on supplements and clothing. Another perk is having access to facilities and training equipment. 

Working environment & flexibility 

A career in the fitness industry offers the freedom to work according to your own schedule, anywhere and at any time. It is also far less stressful than a regular 9 to 5 job because it offers a health conscious environment and helps you to achieve a happy work life balance.

And you get to wear workout clothing the entire day!


Once you receive a certified fitness qualification it doesn’t stop there. Armed with an accredited certification as a personal trainer – like the Personal Training Certification or the Personal Training Diploma offered by Trifocus Fitness Academy – you can work anywhere! Popular choices include:

  • Commercial health clubs,
  • Private gyms,
  • Cruise liners, and
  • Travelling to clients’ homes.

What you will learn from our Personal Training Certification or Personal Training Diploma

  • Apply anatomical and biomechanical principles to exercise
  • Apply anatomical and physiological tenets to physical movement
  • Dissect sport and exercise physiology
  • Understand the fundamentals of nutrition
  • Learn about the different health assessment techniques and how to apply these
  • Become aware of – and know how to use – motivation techniques for your personal training clients
  • Apply holistic wellness concepts to your clients’ wellness
  • Learn how to deal with personal training clients who have special needs
  • Design exercise programmes that are tailor-made for each client
  • Get to know the principles of how to run your own business in the fitness industry
  • Learn what it takes to run a fitness facility according to health and safety standards
  • Learn how to maintain fitness equipment

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