Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water Daily

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The bad news: You’ve got to ditch that morning cup of coffee. The good news is, the drink you’re about to replace it with promises to make you healthier and happier, fast. What is this elixir we’re talking about? Warm lemon water.

Expert fitness professionals recommend you start your day with this brew, every day. Here’s why.

Six amazing reasons to ditch the morning cup of coffee – and drink warm lemon instead

1. It kick-starts your digestion

The chemicals in lemon are very similar to those found in the acids in your stomach (you know, the ones responsible for digesting your food). What’s more, lemon water encourages the liver to produce bile – another chemical responsible for digestion.

The result is improved digestion, relief from the symptoms of indigestion and also the removal of toxins from your gut. In the absence of these toxins, your gut is healthier, meaning that you absorb the nutrients from your food much more easily (and this, in turn, makes you healthier and better able to workout with your fitness professional).

2. It’s a powerful immune booster

Lemons – and by extension lemon water – are extraordinarily high in Vitamin C, making them very useful flu-fighters. This Vitamin is also a great anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce aches and pains. And did you know that Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron? Well, it does. So you’ll have more energy too!

However, you need to take some precautions when enjoying lemon water, says Euguene Lotter:

“Lemon juice [read lemon water] can, however, damage the enamel on your teeth. It is therefore better to drink it through a straw and/or rinse your mouth after enjoying a glass of this healthy beverage. “

3. It’s good for your nervous system

The potassium in lemons makes them excellent brain food. The potassium plays an important role protecting the health of your nervous system and your brain, improving its function. Oh, and it also controls blood pressure.

4. It’s a super cleanser

Lemon is a diuretic, meaning that it’ll make you “go” more often. This means your body will flush out toxins more often. You can expect your skin to look brighter and clearer as a result.

5. It’s a weight loss magic wand

Lemons are high in pectin fiber. Not only is the fiber good for your regularity but it keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

6. It balances your body’s pH levels

Ironic, isn’t it – the sour and acidic lemon is one of the most alkaline fruit you can eat! Well, it is. And the result is, when your body’s in an alkaline state (or at least, a pH-balanced state), you’re far less likely to fall ill. It’s when your body is acidic that inflammation and illness set in.

Remember to use warm water rather than cold or very hot; and throw in two to three slices of fresh lemon.

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