The best exercises for a killer quick leg workout

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If you are looking for the perfect physique then you should never neglect leg development.  The common mistake people make – against the advice of many a personal trainer – is to skip leg day. This will lead your legs to be behind the rest of your upper body in overall development.

In this article, we ill look at the best leg exercises for a killer quick leg workout to build on that impressive physique. Let us have a look at the biggest mistakes people make (and how to avoid them) as well as the best leg exercises that will give you the results you want.

3 of the biggest mistakes people make with their leg workout

1. Focusing on the wrong leg exercises. People tend to focus on machine and isolates exercises only. These do not build big, strong legs.

2. Incorrect technique. Incorrect squatting technique is one of the most common mistakes people tend to make, e.g. not sitting back, knees going over the toes, hunching too far forward, etc.

3. Focusing too much on high-rep training. The best approach is to focus on lifting heavy weights during your workout if you want your legs to be big and strong and allow progressive overloading.

10 of the best leg exercises

1. Barbell back squat. This exercise is the most effective leg exercise and must be performed correctly.

2. Barbell front squat. This exercise is great for emphasising the quadriceps and takes the stress off the lower back. Be warned that it might be uncomfortable to do at first.

3. Sumo and split squats. These are also two good variants for squats. Just make sure you are loading the weight across the back of your shoulders and traps.

4. Barbell lunge. These targets the quadriceps as well as the glutes.

5. Romanian deadlift. This exercise isolates the hamstrings nicely.

6. Hack squat. This exercise focuses on the quadriceps while placing no stress on the lower back.

7. Leg press machine. This exercise targets the quadriceps but also works the hamstrings and the glutes.
8. Hip thrust. This is one of those funny exercises to do but targets the glutes so well – you can do this exercise with or without weights.

9. Standing and seated calf raises. These two exercises are true calf builders (seated doesn’t place any stress on the lower back).

10. Calf raises on the leg press machine. This exercise is a good variant and allows for a full range of motion.

Remember a good leg workout trains both the hamstrings and the quadriceps. Focus on lifting heavy weights, just like other muscle groups, if you want them to grow your ability to lift heavy weights. Progression is the key to muscle growth.

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