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The first step is to decide what you want the business to achieve.  Ask yourself what services you intend providing?

Will you be offering nutritional and personal training? Will you be including supplements?  Are you providing for a sector of the population or fitness in general? Who is the target audience and how far are you willing to travel?

A certain amount of market research is required.  What already exists in this field? How can I compliment these existing companies?  What sets me apart? And what are the competitor’s rates?

This process is important to seal before you consider any marketing.  Have you considered premises or employing other trainers to work for you?  These costs need to be checked and rechecked before you can allocate a budget to fitness branding.

Then there are the values you wish to portray to clients throughout your marketing efforts.

Give your business a personality and decide whether you intend to have a professional, conventional and clinical approach; or a friendly, fresh and playful persona.

Consider how your clients will see your business and how this will make them feel about you as a fitness professional.

What’s in a Name for branding purposes?

You should now have a picture of your business in your mind, so go ahead and give it a name.

List your options and conduct a survey amongst friends and family. Check online forums for ideas on names that resonate with both your fitness brand and the industry.

Carry this thinking through to the logo but get the assistance of a professional if you are not sure.

Now, how can you make the greatest impact?

Become Recognizable brand in the Industry

Major companies have statements and logos that are recognizable without seeing their name.

You need to strive to be memorable and flesh about what you intend the company to do.

A striking logo or dazzling phrase will ring the bell.

Dynamic Online Marketing

Social Media can be a great way to market yourself as well as your fitness business.

Design an eye-catching website with bold statements and striking images. Include your company’s personality and values by showing off the logo and stating clearly the aim of the business and what makes it unique.

Don’t forget to include business cards, contact details and any credentials and talents you may have. Take this opportunity to communicate what makes your fitness brand unique; to tell your prospective clients what it is you can give them, that your competitors can’t.

Have fun creating a Facebook page to include a complete picture of your business. Make it exciting and include your logo, your business statement and any cool pictures that are associated with your company.

Once set up, you will need to regularly update your page with motivational and inspirational incidents and stories or share stories about the progress of your existing or past clients.

Twitter enables you to follow others with the same interests by quick searches for popular hashtags in the industry.

The idea is to re-tweet their tweets or reply to positive tweets to make yourself more present in the industry.

Google Ads offers a platform which enables you to market your business ad to appear above the average search results on Google. It is a “pay per click” policy.

Referrals are an excellent way to generate lucrative clients. Recommendations by existing clients suggest that you offer a wonderful service. You could offer incentives for referring friends. Online reviews are also excellent for fitness professionals, so try to encourage your clients to leave some for you on social media and on Google.

Business Administration procedures

Seek out information on how to structure a business, a business plan, registering your business, opening a bank account, permits, insurance and whether there are legalities you need to be aware of.

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