Why it’s difficult to tone your calves – part 1

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#TrifocusBrandAmbassador, Ashleigh Frost, chats to us about why your calves are the most difficult muslce – in your body – to grow. Next week, she’ll be talking to us about the anatomy of the calves.

If you have ever been to any kind of bodybuilding or physique-related competition, you will know (even as a spectator with minimal information) that the difference between a close first and second place in a bodybuilding line-up will always go in favour of the athlete with the better-developed calf muscles. This applies to the female line-ups too.

Bodybuilding and fitness aside though, there are few things as beautiful on the human body as a well-trained, well-developed calf muscle. There is just something about this group of muscles that give the legs, male and female alike, an incredibly appealing look. Most people would argue that big calf muscles are a genetic thing, ah yes… maybe so but… are GOOD calf muscles a genetic thing? Here I beg to differ.

We all know that there are no two bodies alike – this is what makes us all so unique and interesting. Variety is the spice of life! And through your years, you will notice that some people are just “genetically blessed” with certain attributes. Some people are naturally lean or have great hair or skin, others have big calves or can eat whatever they want and have a washboard stomach year-round. So I do believe that to a certain extent your genetics will direct and, for lack of a better word, ‘limit’ you in terms of how a muscle is going to shape and build if you start resistance (weight) training.

However, I also believe that most people forget about a thing we like to call “genetic potential”… everyone has it, but not everyone has the diligence, discipline and stamina to tap into it. This includes the calves as well. EVERYONE can have great looking calf muscles, if they just work for it.

Next week, Ashleigh Frost takes us through the anatomy of the calf, and how this affects your ability to build it.

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