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As it is with any specialised skill-set, being a personal trainer means that you are high in demand on the career market. This is true for a number of fields, since far from locking you into one approach to building your livelihood, a strong background in fitness is something that opens a diverse and multiple number of doors for you.

With the right accreditation behind your name, the professional health and fitness world has a lot to offer and specialise in.

If you were thinking about taking a training course as a fitness instructor but wanted to know a little more about what it could offer you in the career sphere, here are some of the top choices:

Fitness Careers

Athletic Trainers

Become involved with a side of training that uses prescient precision and a key understanding of the human body to enhance and maintain the performance of athletes.

Athletic trainers are a crucial component in the professional fitness realms and are as important for the well-being and longevity of athletes’ careers, as well as for the associations they play for. They ensure that athletic performance is both improved and sustained by not only assuring an athlete’s ability, but their technique and safety as well.

As an athletic trainer works on all ends of the professional spectrum, from professional football teams to Crossfit teams, tracks and fitness facilities they have plenty of room for growth and live with careers characterised by satisfaction.

Fitness Specialists & Consultants

Not every personal trainer works on the track or at the gym. Many have chosen to move more into the realm of strategy.

After having built up extensive experience within the fitness industry, trainers can choose a subtler approach and begin building careers as specialists or consultants; trainers who are called into very specific situations (such as to assist a sports team or high profile athlete) in order to help formulate a strategy, approach or technique to enhance their performance.

They may also be called upon for their knowledge of specialised nutrition, biomechanics and of the human anatomy as it applies to fitness.

Trifocus fitness academy - career paths

Therapy and Rehabilitation

Another career path for personal trainers is that of assisting athletes with overcoming injuries that impact their performance.

It is an integral part of any professional fitness activity, and has ensured that innumerable athletes have been able to bounce back with fewer delays.

The therapy and rehabilitation aspect of professional fitness ensures the longevity of athletes’ careers, enhances their long-term performance and also improves the quality of their lives.

There are quite a few jobs for those who specialise in rehabilitating injuries, and for good reason they require the practitioner to own the right professional accreditation, which can be obtained through an accredited college.

Personal Trainers & Gym Instructors

Becoming a personal trainer or gym instructor is an excellent choice, particularly if your professional sense of enjoyment comes from working with people.

As an instructor you’ll have varying numbers of clients; could work for yourself or for others; be employed at a gym or host your own outdoor Bootcamp sessions. It provides flexibility, but requires it as well.

Trainers are also known to practise their skill-sets abroad, allowing them to travel and work at the same time, whether that be in other parts of Africa, the World, or travelling the oceans on a cruise ship.

Opening Up Your Own Gym or Facility

Becoming a personal trainer also exposes you, head-on, to the professional world of fitness. You learn a lot that way. You learn so much, in fact, that at some point the idea of running your own fitness facility becomes more than a dream; you eventually have the means to make it a reality.

Opening up your own facility is a lot of work, but it’s enjoyable work; and when it works well, it pays off.

You can’t get it right if you don’t know what you’re doing, however; but an experienced personal trainer can.

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