Could medicine balls and kettlebells improve your game?

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We’re always searching for ways to up our game and take our workout to the next level. So could two of the most underrated pieces of equipment be the answer to your needs? Medicine balls and kettlebells are a staple in any gym and are readily available for purchase at any sports-related store, but can they assist you in improving your game?

Reasons to start using a kettlebell

These versatile fitness balls come in a variety of weight options and can result in some rather exciting workout options. They also come in different options that can include handles as well as the option of being filled with sand or air.

So, what are the benefits?

First off, don’t let its looks deceive you. This bad boy is a bodybuilder’s ally as using it in exercising can help you to strengthen and train all muscle groups. Start with a weight level that is comfortable for the exercise you are performing and slowly work your way up.

They’re also great at sculpting killer abs, in addition to strengthening your lower body, as most of the exercises require an engaged core in order to be performed appropriately.

In a more adrenaline-pumping line of workout, these balls can also prepare you for physical blows associated with your sport. From rugby to boxing, these balls can help prepare the body for dangerous strikes in an attempt to reduce the risk of injury. Following the same train of thought, by working on throwing the ball, you can work on gaining power through plyometrics.

And last, but certainly not least, medicine balls can help to improve your coordination and balance. By utilising the medicine ball to throw you off balance, you are able to work deeper muscles and improve your posture.

So, why should you use a kettlebell?

As with any form of weight training, kettlebells are great at building strength and power. You can efficiently complete full-body exercises by using only a kettlebell, which is excellent if you are short on time.

These full-body exercises require core engagement and stability to be correctly executed, which means that you don’t need to focus on ab-specific exercises to get a toned tummy – although they will help you attain your goal a whole lot faster. Tying in with a strong core is good posture, which is vital for keeping form as well as preventing back injuries.

Movements, for example, kettlebell swings, are an excellent way to improve your range of motion while still building strength and endurance. As you become stronger, you will begin to notice increased flexibility and mobility. Don’t force this flexibility as this will result in injury.

It’s easy to see why you should look to incorporating kettlebells and medicine balls into your workout routine. The low maintenance, simple exercises that are associated with these weighted beauties are very underrated as they can target multiple muscle groups without the need to shift between equipment.

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