Why is Cycling a Great Low Impact Exercise?

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Low impact exercises are hailed as an excellent approach to fitness due to their ability to burn fat while building endurance and strength. Though perhaps the biggest benefit to low-impact routines are that they are relatively easy on your muscles, bones and joints in the long-run.

By contrast, heavy physical activity (which is often more accessible) may yield results, but take a toll on your body as it does so. High-Impact activity such as jogging, for instance, may result in eventual knee, shin or ankle injuries at a later stage.

For this reason, low-impact exercises are the preferred approach for many. There are plenty of low impact exercises out there to choose from, and cycling is one of the best of them.

Why Opt for Low Impact Exercises?

While not necessary for everyone, low impact exercises are an excellent means of working out that puts minimal strain on your muscles, bones and joints.  Consider the strain put on your knees when using the treadmill, a repetitive action which can lead to serious knee and leg injuries as you get older.

In some cases, a person’s biology or injuries makes it dangerous or at the very least unwise to do high-impact exercises; and so finding a varied and enjoyable low-impact routine would be important to ensure that they reach their fitness goals.

Remember though that just because they don’t put long-term strain on the body, low impact exercises are by no means easier or less effective than others.

There are, fortunately, a great number of these types of workouts out there, and some are more effective and more intensive than their counterparts. But all are designed to work the body in specific ways; whether it be endurance, stamina or strength building.

Trifocus fitness academy - cycling

Popular Low Impact Exercises?

When it comes to low impact exercises, there is enough of a variety to give you the pick of the batch and to find something that gets the best results or works best with you.

These exercises have been considered low impact in that they are not weight-bearing and result in minimal or rather no damage to the body:

  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Rowing
  • Circuit training
  • Kettlebells
  • Bodyweight workouts
  • Elliptical training
  • Cycling

Cycling as a Low Impact Exercise

Because cycling is non weight bearing and low impact, it is one of the few forms of exercise that won’t put undue strain on your joints. This means that as your fitness levels rise, you will be able to put in more without putting your body in danger.

Today you may cycle ten kilometres; but with enough time you could push that number as high as and even beyond forty kilometres in a single ride. This makes it a particularly enjoyable activity, since it allows you to inject a sense of exploration and freedom into your exercise routine.

It also offers one of the more enjoyable forms of exercise, since it can be done outdoors; taking in the scenery while burning calories.

Cycling is also recognised as one of the better and more effective ways of burning calories in comparison to other low-impact exercises such as rowing or circuit training.

It also has the added benefit of being able to work in synchronisation with your current routine, in being an efficient mode of transport. It can also be done socially or on your own; while indoor cycling offers a diverse range of approaches that work the body in different ways.

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Cycling represents just one aspect of low-impact workouts which are greatly beneficial to the body. Finding the right approach to working out, whether for your own benefit or for that of your clients, can help you get the best results when reaching fitness goals.

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