Do You Know How To Stand Out When Everyone’s Offering The Same Fitness Services You Do?

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Some days a little bit of healthy competition can keep you on your toes. On other days, it can knock you off your feet. With rivalry in the fitness industry being fierce, it can feel impossible to get the attention (and the rands) of paying customers who have so much variety to choose from.

For people who are starting out in the fitness industry, it can be quite intimidating. How are you supposed to compete with far more experienced professionals? Or businesses with larger audiences? In order to stand out, you need to be noticeably different. When it comes to positioning your brand, you need some awesome points of difference (PODs) as well as the usual points of parity (POPs).

Find Your Unique Angle

What elements can you identify in the fitness industry that make you different from everyone else? After all, not every coach motivates clients the same way. Maybe you can differentiate yourself by the clients you serve, the science behind your technique, the results that you’re able to achieve or the way you deliver your service. Whatever that distinct approach is, make sure to tout it to your clients.

Stand For Something Different

Another way to distinguish your fitness business is to stand for something different. Your values or beliefs could be what distinguishes you from the crowd. In an industry which is rife with fitness myths as well as misinformation, what you stand for can demonstrate your credibility.

Get Collaborative

Spread the word about your fitness technique far and wide so that it’s not drowned out by the sound of others who are talking about their methods. If you have knowledge that you’re willing to share with others, everyone will want to come to you as a source.

Try Alternative Platforms

If you’re struggling to get noticed among the crowd, then go where it’s far less busy. Instagram is full of fitness bloggers, so it may be difficult to stand out there. However, there are always new platforms that are being developed where there won’t be as much noise.

Of course, there could not be as big of an audience either however 100% focus from a small group is much better than 0% of a large one. Select a platform which others haven’t yet discovered – think about which social media sites that are up-and-coming? Where else will you be able to establish yourself as a thought leader in the fitness industry?

Whichever social media platforms you try out, make sure that you post high-quality photos and videos. This is key. If you’re going to do ONE thing make it this. If your feed is just a thrown-together mish-mash of blurred photos, screenshots as well as quotes, it’s not going to look visually pleasing to someone who is just landing on your feed. The more beautifully and engaging the grid, the more people are going to want to follow you.

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