Dylan Dawson: Dedicated to Fitness

dylan dawson
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If we had to sum up Dylan Dawson – one of our #TrifocusBrandAmbassadors – in one word, it would be ‘determined’. Everything that he does is geared towards developing his body into a well-oiled machine. By his planning and forethought, you’d probably guess that he’s a man who’s lived and experienced a great deal in life. What’s surprising is that he’s just 22… So, eager to find out what makes someone so young so dedicated, we had a chat to him.

Dylan Dawson

It’s all or nothing

What keeps Dylan going is putting 100% into his training. Furthermore eating properly so that he can attain his goal of being successful in the fitness industry. “I think seeing what the human body is really capable of – and taking it to levels you never thought possible – is what makes me tick. I like nothing more than those last few weeks before a competition where I see daily changes in my body. Bodybuilding is not a seasonal sport but a lifestyle choice. I am absolutely captivated by it!”

Twice a day, every day

Dylan Dawson’s commitment to his health and fitness can be seen in his training and nutrition regime:

  • In the morning he does steady state fasted cardio. In the afternoon, he does weight-training and follows this up by a short HITT cardio session. Dylan trains six days a week, training a different muscle group on each day. He takes one rest day.
  • Dylan takes supplements to ensure that his body is better able to perform during exercise and recover better after training sessions.
  • He follows a strict eating plan that has the correct proportions of protein, carbohydrates, fats and vegetable. Dylan eats six meals a day. He allows himself one cheat meal over the weekend to spike insulin levels. Additionally giving his body the means to be more responsive to the strict protocols he follows during the week.

Don’t get into the fitness industry without a proper qualification

Dylan Dawson is a firm believer in the necessity of fitness education for fitness professionals. “The human body is an incredible piece of machinery and no two bodies are the same,” he explains. “Having the associated qualifications allows you to better understand how the human body works and how to get the best out of it. These qualifications allow you to stay at the forefront of the industry and deal with a wide variety of people, equipped with the correct knowledge to be able to ensure their health and wellness.”

Proud to be part of #TeamTrifocus

Being passionate about fitness education, Dylan Dawson is proud to be a #TrifocusBrandAmbassador because – to borrow some of his words – Trifocus is an elite academy that is at the forefront of health and fitness education.

Dylan: we are proud to have you on #TeamTrifocus and hope that you will be able to instill the same dedication and passion for fitness and wellness in generations of Trifocus students to come!