Everything You Need To Know About Sports Massage Therapy

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The world of sports is extremely competitive. As athletes push themselves to the limit, they increasingly suffer aches, pains, strains as well as injuries. The advantages of a sports massage therapy are numerous: increased flexibility, lowered risk of injury, and an improved circulatory system, just to name a few.

What Is Sports Massage Therapy?

Sports massage therapy is a particular kind of massage which treats and prevents different sports injuries. This type of therapy encompasses different types of massage as well as muscle manipulation in order to help treat sports injuries as well as muscle strains.

It works by stretching and stimulating tight and sore muscles, in addition to improving the condition of soft tissue. This assist to reduce stress and tension which can build up in the body from exercise or strenuous activities.

Also, sports massage can help to correct soft tissue muscle imbalances which are caused by repetitive motions (commonly seen in tennis players or golfers). This type of massage can aid recovery and avoid injury.

An injury or condition which lowers an athlete’s performance can have disastrous consequences on their careers and general performance on and off the sporting field. Regular massages before and after games assist with warming up and loosening muscles, helping in faster recovery as well as better conditioning.

Carefully Consider Before Scheduling A Massage Close To An Event

Are you completely new to massage? If you are then you need to book your first appointment either well before a race – at least a couple of weeks out – or wait until the day after the sporting event. Just like you wouldn’t try out new socks or shoes on the day of your sporting event, you shouldn’t experiment with any pre-race bodywork.. Those who are familiar with massage may benefit from a pre-race rubdown in the seven to two-day window before an event. Getting treatment less than 48-hours prior puts all runners – even those who are massage veterans – at risk of race day soreness.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - sports massage therapy

What Are The Benefits Of Sports Massage?

Sports injuries are as commonplace as winners and losers in a sport – that’s a given. Frequently, however, the first remedy of the injured is to take the pain-killers and drugs to assist them to recover. In many cases, the heavy usage of drugs, both over-the-counter (OTC) in addition prescription-based, may produce long-term side effects.

That’s where the advantages of sports massage come in. If performed under the supervision and auspices of trained professionals, sports massages assist with:

  • Reducing (maybe even eliminating) the requirement for harmful chemical-based medication throughout the recovery process,
  • Alleviating stress and muscle tension,
  • Increasing mobility and range of motion subsequent to a sporting injury,
  • Shortening down-time time and improving recovery, and
  • Building confidence and healing psychologically.

These are just some of the pluses of turning to alternate treatments, such as sports massage therapy, when dealing with sports injuries.

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