The Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health

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It has long been known that there is a close link between mental health and physical fitness. Unfortunately, this seems to be a key piece of information that seems to slip by most people. It’s not surprising given the flurry and humdrum of a busy life. These days, people are finding less and less time to take care of their physical fitness as a result of a fast-paced life. For the most part, they are unaware of the affect this is having on their mental state. They are blissfully unaware that exercise for mental health has enormous benefits.

The approach of winter makes this consideration all the more crucial. This is because it is a time of year where people tend to go without activity and sunlight. However, once you see how closely your physical fitness and mental health are related, you might consider strapping on those running shoes which have been lying neglected in your cupboard since the end of summer.

Start by being just a little more active and make an effort to exercise for mental health.

Exercise for Mental Health Beats Depression

Exercise serves as a powerful combatant for mild to medium depression in a number of ways:

  • It promotes neural growth and reduces inflammation in the brain. In addition, it provides you with calming, repetitive actions to meditate on.
  • Exercise for mental health also releases endorphins that keep you energised, maintain your mood and help with regulating sleep cycles.
  • Beyond that, regular schedules of exercise can go a long way towards keeping you from relapsing into a depressive state.

Drs Craft and Perna, in The Benefits of Exercise for the Clinically Depressed, acknowledge that exercise is beneficial in treating depression:

“The mechanisms underlying the antidepressant effects of exercise remain in debate; however, the efficacy of exercise in decreasing symptoms of depression has been well established. Data regarding the positive mood effects of exercise involvement, independent of fitness gains, suggest that the focus should be on frequency of exercise rather than duration or intensity until the behavior has been well established. The addition of self-monitoring techniques may increase awareness of the proximal benefits of exercise involvement, which is generally reinforcing to the patient.”

Exercise for Mental Health is the Perfect Anti-Anxiety Treatment

Regular exercise is a great way to stave off, and deal with, the onset of anxiety. It relieves stress and tension while adding to your levels of physical and mental energy through the creation of endorphins. Exercise as a means for combatting anxiety works best when you focus on the activities you are doing instead of zoning out on the thoughts that are causing you stress. This will also give you a little time off from those bothersome thoughts.

Exercise, ADHD and Your General Mental State

ADHD,  the ability to maintain focus or concentration often relates to a person’s levels of activity. Exercise drastically improves concentration and memory. It does this by increasing levels of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin in the brain. This makes it a far less harmful and far more practical solution than medication such as Ritalin.

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