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The knee happens to one of the human body’s major joints. People utilise it heavily every day as they walk, run, climb or – alternatively – jump. As a result, it is also quite prone to injury as well as pain. When these occur, a doctor could recommend exercises in order to assist an individual strengthen the muscles which are around the knee.

People of all ages might experience knee pain. According to one article, a kind of knee pain called patellofemoral pain syndrome (or runner’s knee) is the most common orthopaedic condition in sports medicine. As well as being common in athletic people, knee pain could also be a problem for people who suffer from arthritis.

While it could be tempting to avoid exercise when knee pain takes place, this is not always the appropriate solution. Particular types of exercise can assist with alleviating existing knee pain and preventing future pain or injury by providing the knee with additional support.

Is It Safe for Me to Exercise?

Are you concerned that working out could cause increased levels of knee damage or pain? As long as your doctor says that it’s OK, the best thing that you can do is to strengthen the muscles which support your knee and keep them flexible. Begin slowly and build up over time. Speak to your doctor about which specific exercises are good for you.

Leg Lifts

Muscles involved are the quadriceps (front of the thigh) as well as abdominal (stomach) muscles:

  • Lie down on the floor and make sure that your back is flat. Make use of a yoga mat, folded blanket, or exercise mat for you to be comfortable on a hard floor.
  • Make sure that you keep your left leg straight and bend your right leg slightly at the knee, bringing the foot closer to your body.
  • Pull your abdominal muscles inward by imagining your belly button pulling down toward the floor. Doing this should get the lower back down against the floor and assist with providing extra support for the duration of the exercise. Put a hand beneath your lower back to make sure that there is no space between the floor as well as the small of your back. If there is space for your hand, gently push the lower back down on top of the hand.
  • Slowly lift your left leg without bending your knee. Keep your toes pointed toward the ceiling and stop when your leg is about 30 cm off the floor. It must not be higher than your bent knee on the right leg. Hold your left leg up for five seconds.
  • Gradually lower your leg back down to the floor. Do not put it down too fast or allow it to drop.
  • Repeat twice more with the same leg. Switch sides and repeat.

Hamstring Curls

These are the muscles which are located along the back of your thigh:

  • Lie down flat on your stomach.
  • Gradually bring your heels as close to your butt as you can and maintain that position.
  • Do three sets of 15.

In addition, you can also do this exercise standing while you hold onto a chair and then lift one leg at a time. If this becomes simple, you can add ankle weights, slowly increasing the weight from 500 g to 1 ½ kg to 2 ½ kg.

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