Exercises To Develop Stronger Muscles In Your 40s And 50s

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Fitness isn’t age-specific. In addition, it doesn’t go to waste when you start getting older. While it’s a common belief that exercise only benefits the young, building on strength as well as maintaining muscles is just as vital when you hit your later ages.

As the body begins to lose muscle mass when you grow older, and your metabolism slows down as well, it can also be challenging for some people to lose weight effectively. That is why while every person should take time out to stretch muscles and be physically active, practising strength training is also something which is equal important.

One of the most important benefits of weight training is building on lean muscle mass. Routine strength training will make your body stronger, but leaner, rather than feeling ‘bulky’. When you build lean muscle mass after you turn 40, you also become stronger and find it much easier to perform activities or chores which have the potential to cause strain.

How To Become Stronger

There are two core principles that you need to learn in order to ensure your muscle-building techniques are successful:

  • Your Form Should Be Perfect

There is a correct way and there’s an incorrect way to perform any exercise. The wrong way will place a strain on your body and is more likely to result in an injury. The right way allows you to lift heavier weights and build muscle.

  • You Should Progressively Increase Your Resistance

The answer to how to get stronger in your 40s is building lean muscle. The real secret is simply to increase the weights you are using whilst lowering the number of reps. This will push your body to lift more and more. The best part is that you won’t risk an injury through extended lifting routines. The key to getting stronger is in pushing your muscles just past their limits and then giving them time to rest. This is the reason you should only train three times a week.


Don’t underestimate the power of simple squats! The squat is one extremely beneficial exercise which dole out benefits for people of any age. This exercise can be done anytime, anywhere. Not only are squats excellent weight-loss-promoting exercise that burns calories, but they also significantly lower chances of injuries to the knee or the ankles.

In addition, doing squats is a great way to tone and add strength to your lower body as performing a squat movement strengthens your tendons and ligaments in the leg muscles. Squats also improve flexibility in your lower body, back and strengthens your knee joints.

Dumbbell Goblet Squat

The goblet squat is to be one exercise that works major muscle groups in the body, from your core, forearm, back as well as upper back muscles. Practising the squat move with a dumbbell can be even more effective as well as easier to do as opposed to a traditional squat. Doing so effectively provides the same benefits to the core and encourages additional strength in the lower body. As it assists with strengthening the important muscle groups, it can also lower one’s risk of injuries, and assists with weight loss. This is one exercise that is worth trying if you have been struggling to lose weight.

Full Body Roll-Up

Bodyweight exercises – such as the full body roll-up – are often considered to be good methods for training core muscle groups together, without the need of gym or workout equipment, hence, allowing for comfort as well as ease.

The roll-up movement, while greatly focuses on the abdominal muscles, is also quite effective in boosting overall flexibility, lengthening the hip flexors and back muscles. By focusing on mobilising your spine, this exercise will assist to reduce stiffness, promote flexibility in the body as well as reduce pain.

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