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There are few places quite as remarkable as the gym. With so much testosterone, activity and body heat all in one place, there needs to be some form of order and gym etiquette put into place in these establishments that makes an outing to a gym a viable, convenient, pleasant as well as a beneficial experience.

Unfortunately, the rules behind such order often go unheeded. This is either out of ignorance or carelessness. So, to help you do your part in making the gym a pleasant place to get your blood pumping (in the right way…), here are a few rules to follow that will put you in good stead regardless of which gym you exercise at.

There’s nothing sweet about sweat in gym etiquette

Possibly the number one rule in the gym is ‘don’t forget to bring a towel’. The gym is a sweaty, humid place. Why else would you be there if you weren’t letting it all out? Few things in life are worse than grabbing a barbell only to have your hands slide through someone else’s electrolytes… So, keep a towel handy and mop up every drop.

It’s everyone’s gym, not just yours

If someone is on the machine you want to use, be patient. If you need to, politely let them know that you would like to use it when they are done. Certainly don’t demand it, shoot them dirty looks or hang uncomfortably around them while they are doing their set.

Instead, why not rather change up your routine a little and come back to that machine when it is free.

Rest away from the equipment

Having people wait around for you to finish a set on a machine is one thing and bad gym etiquette. However, if you are taking extensive rests between set while hogging the equipment, you will soon be the least popular person in the gym. If you must take extensive rests between sets, let others cut in between your workouts by partnering up with them.

Otherwise take your cool-down to the mat and get off the machine.

Keep it on the down-low

Exercise takes concentration so try not to interrupt others by huffing, puffing and making a scene. That doesn’t mean you need to work out in pure silence. Just tone it down to a level everyone can appreciate.

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