High-Intensity Interval Training Exercises for the Pool

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High intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts have come to be ever more popular with fitness enthusiasts in the last couple years. These cardiovascular workouts consist of periods of extremely intense activity (working portion) which is followed by a recovery period. After this, it’s repeated all over again.

Often times when individuals hear the word “HIIT,” sprinting or cycling will come to mind. An aqua HIIT exercise routine may seem like an unforeseen choice at first, however just wait until you take your exercise regimen off land and then into the pool.

What Happens When You Exercise In Water?

When we work out in the water, we are actually adding resistance to the moves which we are performing so making them increasingly more difficult.

Another additional bonus is that exercising in the water is low impact which makes doing HIIT underwater (as opposed to on dry land) a much better choice for those who could be suffering with any joint issues.

However, the key is to find exercises in the pool which, when performed, require near-maximal exertion for the working section.

Aqua HIIT 45/15

This protocol makes use of the formula of 45 seconds of high-intensity work which is followed by 15 seconds to rest. Do each exercise, one directly after the other, for three rounds. The total time for this workout is 12 minutes.

Before you start your HIIT pool workout:

  • Place yourself in shallow water between your navel and chest. You should be able to stand easily with both of your feet on the bottom of the pool floor.
  • Start jogging in place and then slowly increase the intensity by running in place or even running the lap lane. Warm up for nearly five to 10 minutes in order to allow your body to adjust and prepare for the exercises.
  • You aren’t able to feel it, but you are sweating in the pool so make sure to have a bottle of water poolside to hydrate in between each round.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - exercises

What Are The Advantages Of Pool Exercises?

As water offers heavier resistance as opposed to air, working out in the pool may make the same exercises, which that you’d do on land far more challenging in water.

The heavier resistance may engage your muscles more fully and also assist you with burning more calories in a shorter amount of time. Aquatic exercise gives you the opportunity to get a great cardio workout, while – at the same time 0 also increasing your:

  • Strength,
  • Endurance, as well as
  • Flexibility.

The buoyancy of water also offers extra support for your muscles as well as your joints. This allows you the opportunity to work out harder while putting less impact on your body as opposed to what you would on land.

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