How can you create a successful strength training programme?

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If you want to create a successful strength training programme, you need to know what makes a good programme of this sort. Based on these criteria, you then have to choose which strength training programme works best for you or if you need to create a programme that is right for you which ticks all the boxes.

What makes a good strength training programme?

Progressive tension overload

Progressive overload is the most powerful stimulus for muscle growth and to gain strength. It is an essential factor in any good strength training programme. Without it, you might as well be doing a normal workout routine.

Progressive overload is when you add weight to your workouts over time. If you have been using exactly the same weight for a period of three months, the chances that you are gaining muscle and strength are slim to none.

Volume control

Instead of focusing on gaining as much strength as possible on lifts that you’re good at, try to include equal amounts of volume in order to grow all your muscles.

If you just stick to building volume in one place, you might look like you’ve “missed a leg day”. By spreading your focus to other parts of your body, you will get a well-rounded physique.

Getting the right frequency and enough rest

Once you have your volume split equally, you can work on getting the right frequency.

Because progressive overload is so essential, your recovery time is also important! A good strength training programme gives your muscles enough time to rest and repair their strength.

Try training each muscle group at least twice a week, and include at least one day of rest between training each muscle group.

Studies have shown that people who rest longer between sets are able to gain more strength and muscle as opposed to those who rest less. This is because when taking short breaks you tend to use lighter weights or lower your frequency of sets. This will stunt your progress over time.

How long is enough? As long as you need.

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It’s not a prison sentence – have fun!

Just because you choose one training programme doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. If you aren’t having fun while doing it, try something different.

It is more likely that you will follow through with the training programme if you are enjoying it as opposed to when you dread doing it.

What is the best strength training programme for you?

Now that you know what makes up a good strength training programme, you have to decide which one will work best for you.

Try sticking with one programme for at least three months before deciding that you want to try something else. This way, you are able to see the results of the programme.

To create a successful strength training programme, you need to ensure you have the right balance of progressive overload, volume, frequency and fun. You need to build different muscle groups equally so make sure you get enough rests between sets. In addition, ensure that you enjoy what you are doing.

Strength training is an integral part of maintaining overall health and fitness.

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