How Can You Get Fitter Now?

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We all understand that being fit and healthy is the most effective path to longevity and staying agile. It reduces the risk of developing diseases such as type two diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular disease, but do we know how to get fitter?

The positive side of starting a fitness regime is that you experience immediate and long-term health benefits.  A good way to begin is to consult the experts who have the skill to advise you on the best approach to exercise; how much you need, and the best workouts for the most noticeable results.

Whether you are training for a marathon or a major competition, trying to lose weight or improve your shape, it’s advisable to have a trainer show you the correct technique to realize your fitness goals.

The other option is to gain the knowledge yourself, so you are able approach fitness from an informed place. Being fit and healthy involves an understanding of nutrition, safety precautions, physiology and, depending on which sport or training routine you prefer, there are a variety of specialised qualifications to choose from.

Motives to get You Moving

Exercising improves your mood and increases euphoria, which alone should be an excellent reason to encourage a sturdy fitness routine.

It causes changes to the brain that regulate stress and anxiety and increases sensitivity to the hormone, serotonin; relieving feelings of depression.

Exercise increases your metabolic rate, and combined with a refinement of calorie intake, encourages weight loss. Doing both aerobic exercise and resistance training can increase fat loss while maintaining muscle mass.

Physical activity stimulates muscle building and improves bone density to prevent injuries as we age. Another excellent reason to stay motivated and fit is to reduce the feeling of fatigue and to increase energy levels. Furthermore exercise lessens the effect of oxidative stress in the body which improves the appearance of the skin.

The health of the brain and memory also rely on regular exercise to increase the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain.

This has been shown to reduce changes in the brain that may cause Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia.

Sleep quality is also improved by regular exercise.  It stimulates the recuperative process during sleep, encouraging deeper and longer sleep, giving you more energy the following day.

So, with all of these incredible benefits that improve every facet of your health, there is absolutely no doubt that increasing your knowledge on the subject can benefit you for life.

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Find Encouragement from the Experts

Perhaps it’s time to take your fitness seriously and make it a career.

As a trainer you can gain access to facilities to work out in, and will have the technical know-how to make the most of it.

Continued education will enable you to gain insight into the latest trends in exercise science which will improve your workouts and encourage you to become a fitness expert.

Being independent with flexible programs, you could be a self-sufficient trainer, which could lead to great opportunities in the industry.

With good knowledge and motivation, your office could be a gym.

The Trifocus Fitness Academy has carefully constructed fitness courses to assist with your enthusiasm to advance your wellbeing. These courses are accredited by CATHSSETA and endorsed by REPSSA, allowing you to work at all gyms and health facilities locally and abroad.

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