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Breaking a sweat can impact your overall health positively – in addition to well-being  – in a number of different ways so it’s not too surprising that exercise can also influence your skin. In the end, your skin is the largest organ in your body and it’s affected by so many of your lifestyle habits as well as choices, including your workouts.

We have the tendency of focusing on just the cardiovascular benefits of physical activity. These are extremely important. But anything which promotes healthy circulation also assists with keeping your skin healthy and vibrant. If you have dermatological conditions – for example acne, rosacea, or psoriasis – you might need to take particular care to keep your skin protected while exercising. However, don’t let skin problems prevent you from being active. More about how to deal with this later.

How Does It Work?

By increasing blood flow, exercise helps with nourishing skin cells and keep them looking and feeling vital. Blood transports oxygen – as well as nutrients – to working cells throughout the body, which includes the skin.

In addition to supplying oxygen, blood flow also assists with carrying away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells. Contrary to certain claims, exercise doesn’t detoxify the skin. The job of neutralising toxins belongs mainly to the liver. However, by increasing blood flow, about of exercise may assist with flushing cellular debris out of the system. Think of the process as cleansing your skin from the inside out.

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Special Treatment For Skin Conditions

Overheating and sweating during a workout may leave those with sensitive skin with additional irritation. One of the trigger points for rosacea is body temperature, which goes up when you exercise. This means that you want to keep your body temperature steady. You may not want to choose to jog outdoors in middle of day. Rather, jog indoors on a treadmill with a fan blowing as well as cooling towels on your neck.

Those people who suffer from eczema should also try to keep the core body temperature low.

If you have sensitive skin, eczema or acne, it’s also vital to rinse off as soon as possible after a workout. Sweating when you have makeup on, sitting in your car after the gym without showering, and remaining in your sweaty sports bra for hours after class may all cause acne breakouts or leave your skin itchy as well as uncomfortable. To avoid this, shower with a gentle wash as soon as possible after a workout. This is so that you can get sweat and grime off your skin before it proceeds to clog pores or irritate your skin.

If you suffer from acne, and there is no shower or basin immediately available, make sure that you carry wipes with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as the main ingredient,. Use a retinoid treatment to treat pimples and to make sure that future breakouts don’t occur. These wipes should be fine for sensitive skin but stop if they irritate you and talk to your dermatologist about any retinol you use.

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As you can see, exercise and following a fit lifestyle has loads of benefits. However, if you don’t exercise properly, you could end up with a myriad of problems. To make sure that you know how to exercise properly, hire a personal trainer. Better yet why not become a personal trainer yourself with our Personal Training Diploma? Follow this link for more information.

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