How Exercise Keeps You Young

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That daily walk, jog or gym session is not just a chance to work out. There are so many more benefits to daily exercise than just physical fitness. Regular exercise has been proven to have a significant effect on a person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Of course, you can’t change your chronological age, but exercise can improve your health to the point where you look and feel younger than you are, says Frank Frisch, PhD, director of kinesiology at Chapman University. Here’s how.

  1. Regular physical workouts reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many other chronic diseases.
  2. Training sessions keep those unwanted kilograms off, which keeps your weight in check, those favourite jeans fitting and you feeling more confident than ever.
  3. Working out increases and improves your muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and power, and physical appearance, leaving you feeling stronger and more confident.
  4. Sweating it out improves your skin, hair and nails and leaves you glowing.
  5. Training strengthens your joints and tendons making everyday movement easier and less strenuous.
  6. Daily physical activity improves your fitness levels.
  7. According to research, daily exercise reduces and delays ageing of cells.
  8. There are few things as energizing as a training session – regular workouts keep your energy levels up and improve your vitality and well-being. The more energetic you feel, the easier you will be able to handle your daily tasks and stressful situations.
  9. Working out increases your blood flow throughout the entire body.
  10. Bad posture can easily be corrected with regular exercise, which strengthens the core and muscles that keep your posture correct.
  11. Working out increases your flexibility, which reduces knots and stiffness in muscles.
  12. Regular training increases and speeds up your metabolism. As you age, your metabolism could slow down, which could lead to weight gain. Regular exercise kickstarts your metabolism and keeps it running throughout the day, exuding more energy and therefore leading to weight loss.
  13. When you exercise regularly, your immune system strengthens, which means getting sick less.
  14. Have you ever heard about an endorphin rush? When you exercise, you will experience a rush of endorphins – or feel-good hormones – which will boost your mood and leave you feeling positive, energetic and confident.
  15. Exercise has a positive effect on your mental health and mindset – it allows you to think clearer, make better decisions and perform better in all areas of life.
  16. Following a routine brings order to your day which increases your productiveness and helps you reach your goals. Exercise is a fundamental part of a strict routine.
  17. When you exercise, you are less likely to eat unhealthy food and more dedicated to following a healthy diet.
  18. Your stress levels will be significantly less when you exercise on a regular basis. Training sessions often have the same effect as a therapy session.
  19. Quality rest is extremely important for us to function optimally on a daily basis. Exercising helps you fall asleep easily and helps you achieve deep sleep easier as your energy is depleted, and because you feel less stressed.
  20. Training enhances your memory and cognitive skills as you are more focused mentally.

All of the above contributes to keeping you young, fit, confident, stress-free and functioning optimally every day, and there is only one thing you need to do to achieve this: exercise every day – it really is that easy! If you are passionate about exercise then your calling could be becoming a personal trainer! Sign up for Trifocus FItness Academy’s Personal Training Certification today!