How Fit Do You Have to Be to Do a Bootcamp Class?

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If you’re reading this, chances are your 2019 New Year resolution to reclaim your health and wellness is still going well. Why else would you be reading an article about bootcamp classes, right? Bootcamp is an amazing way to get in a solid exercise session, socialise with new people, and have tonnes of fitness fun! What’s more, technology now allows for online bootcamp sessions – so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your living room. So, how fit do you need to be for in-person and online bootcamp classes? You’re about to find out…

Health Benefits of Bootcamp Classes

Apart from the sense of camaraderie you feel, bootcamp classes offer a range of wellness benefits. You’re going to sweat bullets, but it’ll be worth it in the end! Here’s how bootcamp classes contribute to your overall health and wellness:

Cardiovascular Training

Bootcamp classes are usually accompanied by up-tempo music. Exercises are calisthenic in nature, requiring the repetitive movement of certain body parts. Push-ups, sit-ups, step-ups and more are performed to the beat. This gets the heart going and is sure to get you sweating!

Strength Training

An element of resistance training – like using free weights in your bootcamp classes – is excellent for building overall strength. You’ll start off with light weights and get heavier as you get fitter, faster and stronger. Just remember to eat enough protein for muscle recovery.

Speed Training

Some bootcamp classes are intense and at a super high tempo. These are advanced bootcampers who’ve built up their agility to such a level that their muscles respond faster than the average person’s. With regular bootcamp classes, you’ll get fast too – real fast!

Trifocus fitness academy - bootcamp class

How Fit Do You Need to Be?

The level of fitness you’ll require to attend bootcamp classes will depend entirely on the specific class you choose to attend. Not all bootcamp classes are weighted the same way, in that some bootcamp classes will cater to hyper-fit regular attendees, while others might be beginner classes. The intensity will vary, and we recommend consulting your bootcamp class instructor before committing. But here’s a rough guide to how fit you should be for a bootcamp class:

Starter Bootcamp Classes

Recommended Fitness Level: Low to Mid-level Fitness

Bootcamp classes will get you sweating and you can expect to move around a lot. If you haven’t broken into a sweat in a while, you might be in for a rough time. Consider participating in light regular exercise (like jogging) in the weeks leading up to your first bootcamp class. This will loosen up your muscles and prepare your body for the new experience.

Normal Bootcamp Classes

Recommended Fitness Level: Mid to High-level Fitness

Many people get roped into going to bootcamp classes with friends but have no idea what they’re walking into. Normal bootcamp classes are where almost all of the attendees are regulars and the tempo is way high. We’d only recommended attending if you already participate in regular exercise. Regardless of fitness level, bootcamp classes promise a thorough full-body workout.

Become a Bootcamp Class Instructor!

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