How long do you Study to Become a Personal Trainer?

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Becoming a personal trainer is effortless, especially with all the online choices for courses to complete. The question is: how qualified would you like to be or are you just after a basic course?

There are several packages to choose from depending on your aim.

The Trifocus Fitness Academy offers a Silver Package which includes personal training and group instructor course at a reasonable rate.

More courses could be added at a later stage. You will receive an Occupational Skills Certificate, and the study duration is three to six months to complete.

The second package, the Gold package, offers the Personal Training Certificate and includes a group instructor course, an online Bootcamp course and a Sports Psychology course. Here you will receive a National Certificate in Fitness and will take approximately eight to twelve months to complete.

Then there is the incredible Platinum Package which is a Personal Training Diploma; it includes a Group Instructor course, an online Bootcamp course, a Sports Psychology course, a Life Coaching Certificate, a Sports Nutrition Diploma and a Social Media Management course.

Here you will receive a National Certificate in Fitness which can be completed within eight to twelve months, which includes the National Diploma in Fitness, and will take another eight to twelve months to complete.

Which Package will Suit your Future Plans?

Before enrolling in a course, you need to decide on costs, skills required and how long you want to study for.

The Silver Package

Our Silver Package can be completed in three to six months and it’s a fully accredited personal trainer entry course for local and international work.

The Package includes an online group exercise course, a free REPSSA membership and a free Trifocus manual and branded merchandise package.

Once you have completed your studies you will receive an Occupational Skills Certificate NQF5. This is the start of your personal trainer aspirations as a personal trainer or fitness instructor.

There is no limit to the opportunities this provides, both locally and abroad, after acquiring all the information necessary to be a world-class trainer.

With this three-month course there is no reason to hesitate in getting started.

The Gold Package

Our Gold Package, which is only available through the Trifocus Fitness Academy, offers a National Certificate in Fitness and is vital for working as a Personal Trainer in South Africa.

It includes the Group Instructor Course, the online Bootcamp Course and the Sports Psychology Course which can be studied at your own pace.

The career opportunities it provides are numerous, with the ability to work on cruise liners, in rehabilitation facilities, group training facilities, private training facilities and in local and international gyms.

The benefits of this course are that it’s the most recognized personal trainer qualification in South Africa, and it’s internationally endorsed.

You will also enjoy the additional courses added onto this qualification.

The Platinum Package

The Platinum Package offers a diploma and is the most advanced personal trainer package available in South Africa. It qualifies you as a Master trainer with the additional courses in the package.

These courses include the Group Instructor course, the online Bootcamp course, the Sports Psychology course, a Life Coaching Certificate, the Sports Nutrition Diploma (UK) and a Social Media Management course; and again, they can be completed at your own pace.

This package is also unique to the Trifocus Fitness Academy and offers an intense examination of the science of fitness.

You will be able to specialize as a personal trainer with the added courses which will provide an added advantage in the market.

This diploma will give you the opportunity of working in local and international gyms, cruise liners, private practice and functional fitness facilities in your future career and will afford you the most career benefits of all the packages.

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